Sareena Dominguez, Sir Sly, and DJ Seduce Added to New Times' Carnaval Eléctrico

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Angelica Rivera
In the Indieagogo video, you said you fell in love with music videos after making the "Moonbeams" video, which is absolutely gorgeous. Tell us a little bit about the video. How much of it was your concept, and what did the filmmakers bring to the table, and what about the experience makes you want to make three more videos?

Thank you! Almost all of the video was created from the mind of Laura Belle of Tobacco Films. She is an amazingly beautiful person who gave me the best first time experience with making a music video. There were so many people from the cast, from the film makers, and the set designers. I was overwhelmed by the support I felt because everyone was just throwing their own creativity into one big melting pot to make this glorious video! She gave me a really good handle on what my music is capable of bringing to life. There is absolutely nothing more magical to me then the marriage of music and film, which is why I so desperately want to work with different minds who will bring these songs to another level.

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Crescent Ballroom

308 N. 2nd Ave., Phoenix, AZ

Category: Music

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Miguel Ivery
Miguel Ivery

so I am DJing this event? haha! ok! Sounds good to me.

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