Why Music Fans Should Be Watching RuPaul's Drag Race

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The Lipsyncing

"Faking it" may have gotten Ashlee Simpson in trouble on SNL, but a riveting lipsyncing performance actually takes some talent. The queens have complained about being thrown off by people who actually sing, because it's not about vocal acrobatics; it's all a matter of serving up face.

In some cases, it's more of a matter of body: In season three, Raja and Carmen Carrera (half of the "Heathers") lipsynced to Paula Abdul's "Straight Up," and things got pretty heated as both stripped down and rubbed against each other.

During the all-stars season, teammates Jujubee and Raven were forced to lipsync against each other to see whom would get sent home. Both were reluctant to face off against their friend, so things got pretty emotional during their performance of Robyn's "Dancing on my Own," ending with both of them in tears, and Jujubee experiencing a breakdown.

Others have just sucked. Last week, Vivienne Pinay and Honey Mahogany faced off to Britney Spears' "Oops, I Did It Again," which should have been an easy performance, but both queens faltered and because of that, both were victims of RuPaul's first and only double- elimination to date.

The Actual Singing

Not every drag queen is meant to sing, but it's pretty damn funny when they try. In season three, all of the queens were pretty shocked to find out that they had to actually sing their assigned genres, and not surprisingly, Raja excelled at punk, Alexis Mateo had fun with hip-hop, and Carmen Carrera and Shangela both struggled. Season five will feature another singing episode next week, which looks pretty '80s from the teaser, not to mention amazing.

The Rock in the Grandview neighborhood hosts a screening of Rupaul's Drag Race Monday nights at 7 p.m.

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