RPM Challenge 2013: Start Your Songwriting and Recording Engines

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Tristan Jemsek

In addition to working on his brother's RPM Challenge project and playing with a certain Serene Dominic and the GemSeekers, the man behind Dogbreth is doing his own project. 

"I'm probably going to use my friend Jason's 4-track cassette recorder. It's gonna be a simple folky album." Famous last words, for many RPM Challengers faced with the starkness of their compositions with only a scintilla of production get hung up on that integrity kick and chuck their efforts if it rings false.

To paraphrase David Lee Roth, "I found the simple folky album wasn't so simple."

Donut death shop.jpg
Donut Shop Death 

This intriguing project by Tucsonan Mariella Morton involves producing an album based upon the 1964-1965 World's Fair, drawing inspiration from found slides and films.

Morton came into a bunch of slides of an elderly couple's visit to the Flushing Fair and will unveil the slides at the Listening Party/Nerd Nite event at FilmBar on March 21.

"I'm also trying to write and record on period instruments and equipment as much as possible," says Morton.


Last year, Eli Tannix's entry The Telemarathon Chronicles, a 28-day spanning continuous album recorded entirely in the month of February, was not recognized as a finisher in the RPM Challenge because he neglected to mail it in. Tannix maintains it was because he delivered in Betamax format.  

This year, Tannix strides into more accessible waters by recording an album of the Zodiac. A song for every sign. If that sounds suspiciously like the infamous curio Sounds of the Zodiac released on Elektra Records in 1967, don't tell that to Tannix.

"Our zodiac will sound nothing like their cosmic debris. In fact I will go on record as saying the Tannix zodiac album will be looked upon by future generations as the penultimate Zodiac album if someone else decides to do it. And that's no Taurus!"

Serene Dominic and The GemSeekers

This is my fourth year as an RPM Challenger but this is the first year I will attempt to do it as a group project. This will be a great test of my control freak nature and the fact that the group members Nick Pasco, Andrew Jemsek, and Tristan Jemsek have more projects going than February has days.

It may turn out to be a mixture of solo and group recordings depending on everyone's availability. And most of the songs will be about music and my checkered relationship to it. Except for  "You Sexy Sexy Sex Fiend (You)."

That song is just plain stupid.

Stand by a for a wrap-up as the month ends.

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