Americana Quartet The Cold Desert Discusses Woman & God

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Since the September 2011 release of The Cold Desert's EP, Four Doors, it's clear the band's sound on the new record shows impressive levels of refinement. The band agrees.

"If you listen to the EP, there's a lot of time-signature changes, key changes, and a little bit more angularity. But [now] when we use that sort of mathematical technical stuff, we're doing it because it's for the service of the song and not like, hey, look what we can do," Klassen says. "It's gotta be a great song and that's the bottom line. If an individual of the band is doing something musically that does a disservice for the song then its not gonna work."

What you will find on Woman & God are songs that differ in style, ranging from balls-out rock to sweet, folk-tinged Southern melodies, and that do ultimately work, moving somewhat effortlessly through different genres.

"Its not so easy to pigeonhole our sound into a musical category. A band like Mumford and Sons have different songs, but you know exactly what to expect," Klassen says. "We can play in [an Americana] genre and Black Keys-ish kind of genres. We can also play in an old-school '70s rock kind of genre or a stripped-down intimate folk kinda style, and we enjoy doing so."

In fact, the arrangement of songs is something the band hopes its listeners will pay close attention to. "There's a lot of variety on the album and one of the cool things about the that is it lends itself to listening to the whole thing top to bottom," Klassen says. "The transitions between each of the songs we really thought out and worked through making them flow.

There's very, very little dead space on the album, and that's all intentional, so that it is like an old-school record. I mean, there will probably be songs that you'll pick out and [say], like, that's a great song. But hopefully people will be able to listen to the whole album and experience it the same way you'd experience reading a whole book."

There's no question the dudes of The Cold Desert are eager to prevail, together. "When I started playing shows under the name The Cold Desert years ago, trying to do it by myself -- getting the momentum and being creative -- was beyond stressful," Klassen says. "It's not what I wanted. I loved playing with a band, and having these guys with me, it pushes me to be a better musician. It really has become a collaborative experience, entirely. Watching it all come together has been my favorite part."

The Cold Desert is scheduled to perform Sunday, February 17, at Crescent Ballroom.

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