Ricky Brindley, What Are You Listening To?

What was your favorite new or new-to-you album from the past year? I really liked Celebration Rock, by Japandroids. It's all about being young and reckless with big anthemic melodies and call-and-response choruses that are great to sing along to.

What one song would you play if you had a world-wide radio audience? "Look Like Jesus," by Lil' B The Based God. Everyone needs to hear Based God's message of positivity. So rare.

What band do you wish was still together? I really wish Outkast was recording together.

Who is your favorite local artist? Isn't Frankie Muniz in some local band? I'll pick that band.

What is your favorite local venue to see music? Crescent Ballroom. They always have great acts playing, and the food is the best from any venue.

What is your favorite music video? "What's Up Fatlip," by Fatlip. If you can't enjoy this video, I'm not sure if you can enjoy anything in life.

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