Rebelution: Reggae Rockers Brave Cold Season for Winter Greens Tour

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How did the Winter Greens Tour get started?

This is maybe the fourth winter tour we've done, and the second time we've called it the Winter Greens Tour. The very first year that we toured we went out with a band called The Expendables, State Radio and Slightly Stoopid. So we were opening up for people on our first winter tour, but then after that we started headlining. I think every year we would try to come up with a new name, but we just loved the name Winter Greens, that we decided to stick with it and make it an annual thing.

It's a little funny because the tour goes into the spring now and we realized we probably can't call it a winter tour while we're playing in late April and early May. So we kind of took the last leg of the tour and called it the Spring Greens Tour and changed up the artwork which I think is pretty cool.

But yeah man, most bands don't want to tour in the winter, they don't want to get out into the cold, so there's less competition to tour during the season. It doesn't really matter, but we want as many people at our shows as possible and I think fans really appreciate it when bands come to town even though it's negative degrees out. People still want to go out and have fun, so we take the opportunity and go for it.
What do you look forward to the most during the winter tours?

The first few shows are going to be killer. We start in Las Vegas and then we go straight to Tempe. The Phoenix area always pops off for Rebelution. It always has. I think the first time we played Arizona was in Tucson and that was crazy, then we had a show in Phoenix and saw tons of people come out for that. We have a lot of old school fans there, I think just because it's so close to the west coast. We got started in Santa Barbara, so Southern and Northern California were the first places to vibe with us, and now I can't believe how many people follow us.

And we're playing the Marquee -- talk about a place that echoes and is vibrant. Every time we come there, people sing our music loud; it's crazy. So we're definitely looking forward to it for sure. Also, places like Chicago is always a lot of fun; we like getting back to Vermont, too. Everywhere the fans are different. Just because they're not singing along, doesn't mean they're not into the music. Like when I go to a show, I'm not moving all crazy, but I'm super into the music. That's something I learned a long time ago -- just because people aren't moving doesn't mean they're not into it, but I think our fans in Tempe and Phoenix are going to be moving.

You guys enjoyed the highest chart debut of your career with Peace of Mind last year. Besides releasing acoustic and dub versions of the record, what do you think made that album so successful?

The first album was more of a roots-reggae sound. Some of the first songs we wrote were pretty rootsy, but still people had this feeling that we were mixing genres. Then we started experimenting a little more with acoustic, rock, and even some pop jazz. With Peace of Mind we just went a step further. That album is not just traditional reggae. There's some hard rock in there, and even some soul and pop. I think we just really like bending the genre of reggae. It's obviously the foundation of our music, but we all listen to other stuff, too. In that regard it's really fun to try to manipulate it. We're able to take our influences and really put them into our music and hopefully it sounds good to our fans.

Where does Rebelution go from here?

It's definitely going to be a busy year with a lot of shows. We've got 43 shows in the next four months and then we're going to try to do some international dates. We''ve got a lot of fans in Europe and South America, and even New Zealand, so we want to get out there. And we're also working on new album. We just got out of the studio last week and started recording on two songs. At this point that's all we have; we really don't know what we're going to do with them yet, but we're thinking about releasing one somewhere along the way as a single to give our fans something to look forward to. But we're trying to write new music at this point. Peace of Mind came out a year ago and it might be new to some of our fans, but it's super old to us.

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