Pink, US Airways Center, 2/13/13 (VIDEO)

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Maria Vassett
P!nk performing at US Airways Center.
During an acoustic set where she performed hits such as "Who Knew" and "Perfect," though, Pink didn't have much to cover up any vocal imperfections while she sang -- and she didn't need anything. Pink's voice seemed in tip-top shape -- I just wish we had heard more of it throughout her concert.

The best moment of the night, besides the epic encore of "So What" where
she flew throughout the entire arena, was when Pink sang "Just Give Me a
Reason" with a virtual Nate Ruess, frontman for fun. and former Valley
singer for The Format.

Most of the audience members probably didn't even know Ruess is from Phoenix, but it was dang amazing to see his face singing on a screen up in US Airways Center after such a long musical journey.

Despite stand-out moments like these, a jarringly annoying thing about the nearly two-hour show was the "host," Jimmy, who led the audience through pre-concert games and mid-show entertainment. Jimmy's presence was distracting and unfunny -- his antics probably just made people miffed Pink wasn't onstage. For a show with such high ticket prices, you'd think there'd be more engaging entertainment. Pink's lackey seemed more like filler than anything meaningful.

Still, judging from the cheers of the sold-out audience, it seemed like the crowd enjoyed the show, no matter how meh it may have seemed to those who weren't crazy about her. She showed off that wild rebellious side by flipping people off and grabbing her crotch plenty-a-time, and if that's what Pink's fans want to see at a show, they shouldn't have been disappointed.

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Talking Stick Resort Arena (formerly US Airways Center)

201 E. Jefferson St., Phoenix, AZ

Category: Music

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I thought it was an awesome concert. My group had a good time. No one went away saying anything negative about the show. My only comment would be that I was surprised that she didn't sing "The Truth About Love." As it was the name of the tour. Also, I would have liked to hear "True Love." But, overall, I thought it was a great show. Pink showed that she can sing and dance/do acrobatics.

Marnie Wong
Marnie Wong

You nailed it! The "sideshow" was distracting and cheesy but her vocals, acrobatics, and abdominals were extremely impressive!


Nicki, did you catch THE HIVES at all? Nary a word!

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