Top Five Must-See Shows This Weekend in Phoenix

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It's finally the weekend, and you're ready to cut loose, aren't you? You're ready to toss a few back and really party. Us too. There's a lot of chatter on the message boards re: rumors that Disney's upcoming stand-alone Star Wars films will concern the adventures of Yoda, Boba Fett, and a young Han Solo, and the account of JacenSoloFan1138 ain't going to start flame wars itself, is it?

Course, you might want to actually step away from the computer, and if that's the case these shows, featuring one of Phoenix's best grindcore acts, some fancy western swing, doom metal from down south, and a certain DJ-slash-"time-traveling, speed-reading, fortune-telling, machine-gunning, Gypsy-loving, scuba-diving, multitasking, poker-playing fan of life," ought to do the trick. Enjoy -- it's our Top Five Must-See Shows This Weekend in Phoenix.

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Friday, February 8: Godhunter @ Rocky Point Cantina

Godhunter plays the kind of metal I have a soft spot for, the sludgy and sleazy kind with excessively repetitive heavy riffs and vocalists growling about smoking weed and not caring about anything.

There's a kind of energy here that a lot of similar bands don't have. Less of the "I ate one too many brownies and now I feel like I am sinking into the couch" kind of vibe you get when you listen to Electric Wizard or something, but more like you took a hit of some Tucson dirt weed and feel loose enough to throw up the horns and headbang with your metal brothers and sisters.

You get this kind of vibe from the band's recently released video for "Wolves of the North" from the band's latest record, Wolves, which features the band and a bunch of Tucson metalheads getting crazy and overindulgent at a practice space show and later at some dive bar. There's this sort of endearing small town narrative to the video that I like. I like to imagine that metal is the escape that a lot of these jean-jacketed misfits have from the banality of living in Tucson.

For Godhunter, metal is something that will literally help them escape Tucson for a bit: The band has planned tour dates for the next few months covering the Southwestern part of the United States, including shows at South by Southwest, as well as some dates in Louisiana (one of the sludgiest states in the Union, naturally).-- Mike Bogumill

Location Info

Rocky Point Cantina - CLOSED

1001 E. 8th St., Tempe, AZ

Category: Music

Crescent Ballroom

308 N. 2nd Ave., Phoenix, AZ

Category: Music

Celebrity Theatre

440 N. 32nd St., Phoenix, AZ

Category: Music

Axis/Radius - CLOSED

7340 E. Indian Plaza, Scottsdale, AZ

Category: Music

Rhythm Room

1019 E. Indian School Road, Phoenix, AZ

Category: Music

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