Jackson Browne, Orpheum Theatre, 2/13/13

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Jackson Browne @ The Orpheum Theatre|2/13/13
Back in 1975 Olivia Newton John lyrically asked the question "Have you ever been mellow?" Such a question would never be posed to Jackson Browne. The singer/songwriter has to be the mellowest rock star on the planet.

Almost the entire first set of Browne's Orpheum Theatre concert was performed sitting down-- either at the piano or on a chair, acoustic guitar in hand--while he churned out minor key epics of lost love, loneliness, and alienation.

And this was exactly what the near-capacity crowd wanted as they warmly embraced every number, and then called out requests all night.

You get one, and I get one," Browne quipped, clearly enjoying himself as his tour, which began as a solo acoustic jaunt last summer, nears conclusion. "After awhile, I didn't want to play by myself," he added, explaining the band backing him.

The audience would have been satisfied with Browne alone, but the band--bass, drums and guitar--add depth and dimension to the songs, filling in the emotions that solo piano or guitar wouldn't touch.

Browne opened the show at the piano with a moving, but low-key version of "Black and White," setting the tone for much of the evening, the first set specifically. He moved to acoustic guitar for a wrenching "Call It A Loan," co-written by David Lindley, and followed this up with "Giving the Heaven Away," a song, he explained, based on a letter he received out of the blue from a women he knew for one day "at a rock festival about 40 years ago."

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Ben Boyer
Ben Boyer

Did Jan try and cope a feel? She tends to do that whenever her and I are out on the town.

Ben Boyer
Ben Boyer

Was it Benjamin Leatherman??

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