Top 10 "Harlem Shake" Videos From Phoenix (Plus One New Times Made)

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See ASU students get creative on page three.

V1 ASU Edition

This one is a bit more like the typical ASU party...with the addition of a "dream team" of child's characters, anyway. If you ever wanted to see a pirate party with the Cookie Monster, Jack Skellington, The Cat in the Hat, a blow-up doll and girls crumpin', look no further.

ASU official

Poseidon calls upon a bunch of his buddies to party on University and wave a giant "Fuck UA" banner next to bicycles and umbrellas. UofA tried to do the same, but faltered due to a poor production value.

ASU's Harlem Shake Pool Party

It must have taken a bit of balance for the costumed character to dry hump in the middle of the pool at the beginning of the video. ASU's bicycle obsession gets a little out of hand, as some guy tries to ride a bike upside down next to an air humping robot, Bob's Big Boy, a girl with a turtle mask, and pole-dancing scuba divers.

ASU B-Town Harlem Shake

This happened on the 10th floor of Taylor Place at ASU's downtown Phoenix campus, according to the comments. If you're currently a Sun Devil, you may see some familiar faces. A guy wearing a penguin head kicks off the video with a sturdy hump, leading us to believe he does this a lot (high five, bro). 15 seconds in, it looks like what every new student dreams an ASU party will be like: There are girls and bros wearing Raybans, cheerleaders, a guy in a black body suit, shirtless guys, and Psy. That's right, Psy has been known to party crash more than Bill Murray.*

*but not really.

ASU Engineering Version

All engineers do is read textbooks or maybe nap on pool tables or play with iPads, right? Wrong. Sometimes they strip down to their boxers to dance around in Freddie Kreuger masks while rocking out on inflatable guitars.

Check out the official New Times "Harlem Shake" video on the next page.

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I don't think it's because I'm getting old, but I just DON'T understand shit anymore... This makes exactly as much sense as that planking bullshit, how does this crap catch on? How do people figure out what the "rules" are when the whole thing makes no goddam sense in the first place?

Lastly, why the hell are video cameras so cheap nowadays?


@Mikey1969 It's popular because it's simple, stupid, funny to simpletons and very easy to re-create. The rules were set in place by the original video. 

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