Graveyard Doesn't Aim for "Throwback Metal"

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You mentioned the blues, and I feel like this record really exhibits your bluesy side, especially "Slow Motion Countdown." Are you into blues from a specific era?

I try to listen to a little bit of everything, but sometimes the old recordings are a little too folky for me. I kind of like the '60s and '70s, especially the blues [rock] groups like Fleetwood Mac and that sort of thing. I try to be inspired by a little bit of everything, everything that's good anyway.

Sometimes when people hear the word "blues" people think of bad Eric Claptron records. That's not exactly what you guys are drawing on.

Not really, but [he] made a lot of good things, too you know?

I don't mean to be too down on Clapton -- I like Cream and some of his records, too -- but there's sort of a perception here in the States where people think of some white blues players as being sort of anesthetized, too clean...

It can be too happy for the blues.

Yeah, exactly.

For me, blues is something more sad, and I guess that's the kind of blues that we put in our music.

What the radio like in Sweden? Did you grow up hearing old American records on the radio or from your family?

I mostly grew up with jazz and classical music. It was much later on that I got into Sabbath, and that made me want to hear everything that came out during those years, maybe '73 and '74. After that, I wanted to hear everything.

Graveyard is scheduled to perform February 19, at Crescent Ballroom.

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Crescent Ballroom

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Mo Sberg
Mo Sberg

More psychobilly/hard rock than metal. I dig the sound. Sweden always does it right. Grotesque, anyone?

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