Fall Out Boy Returns to "Save Rock and Roll," But Is It Too Late?

If the overstuffed single, featuring Stump doing his best Axl Rose impression mid-chorus, is any indication of what's to come, then Fall Out Boy should have remained on that indefinite hiatus. 2 Chainz's leather-clad cameo in the "My Songs..." video reeks of that flash-in-the-pan Lil Wayne appearance, promising even more cringeworthy decisions by a band that peaked eight years ago and is grasping at relevance now.

Pop punk doesn't seem to evolve with its listeners' tastes well. blink-182 may be the only exception to this rule, as their juvenile wonderment and eternal bitterness transcends generations, but Fall Out Boy are a decisive product of the MTV generation, lauded by the same kids that watched the Pussycat Dolls and the Black Eyed Peas battle "Sugar We're Going Down" for the number-one spot on TRL.

And while diehard fans may always be excited for a band's comeback, Fall Out Boy may prove to be too late to the party. Based on the lack of interest in the band's post-breakup side projects, even down to that decrease of interest in Folie á Deux, it seems that the band may alienate their old standbys by misjudging the relevancy of their image and their sound. Is pop-punk dead? No. blink proves that idea wrong. But if blink-182 is the prime definition of long lasting punk in this day and age, then it sure is lonely at the top -- and Fall Out Boy is nowhere near that ageless pinnacle.

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I've been a Fall Out Boy fan for forever and am SO happy about their reunion! None of the songs on their last album made a big impact on pop radio, and who knows if this new single will, but the single is awesome! And I think their fans, like me, will love their new music and be excited! 

Heath Clouse
Heath Clouse

If rock and roll's only chance is Fall Out Boy, I would say it was screwed a long time ago...

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