decker. Probably Isn't Going to Use Kickstarter Ever Again, Even Though It Helped Pay for the Band's Awesome New Album

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Bryant was telling me that you have a brother-sister relationship now. All of you were close before, but now you're even closer after that experience. Can I ask you how you approached the song "In the Van"?

"In the Van" was the first song written for the album, believe it or not. Well before the accident. It was written on the way to South By [Southwest] last year. We were traveling to Amarillo and we thought, why don't we write a song? One of the girls had brought a ukulele and we started playing the ukulele and writing a song in the van. It just kinda happened over a matter of two hours.

If you wanna know the approach truthfully, I had come up with this little lick on the ukulele, which I don't know how to play. I was like, everyone come up with a line. Right now, come up with a line. So I started to sing and everyone had one and we decided to do the layering, a kind of sing-along thing.

It was just this massive, massive irony that the song was called "In the Van" and what happened, happened in the process of making the album. I mentioned this to Kelly one day: The words are eerily prophetic about what happened. Ominous. When you think about what happened and when you think about these words, some of it, if you think of the symbolism to it, applies to the accident. I dunno, that's crazy to me.

Someone also mentioned your album before that, Broken Belts, Broken Bones.

I never thought about that too, but, yeah, the album before that was kinda prophetic. That was Mitchell [Hillman of Java Magazine, Echo Cloud, and Sounds Around Town.]

Did anything in the accident inspire some of the other songs on the album?

Um, no. The album was written and we were in production [when it happened]. We were probably 70 percent to 80 percent done with the record. The writing was all done. One song was written after the accident last minute, but that dealt with different emotions.

How was filming the music video for "Killing Me?" I thought it was really well done, especially since I know mostly everyone in the clip.

"Killing Me" was a blast. There was a lot of me running around, kinda stressed out, as I'm apt to do. But it was a great experience, a really creativity- and energy-charged day. I'm real grateful to be a part of it. I think it's beautiful. I'm grateful for the work that Matty [Steinkamp of Sundawg Media] and Jake [Hoyungowa] and Donovan [Seschillie of Paper Rocket Productions] did, the filmmakers.

I was telling Matty the other day -- because I really think he's a good filmmaker and editor and whatnot -- I was telling him, no matter what stuff you end up doing, you will always remember this day. It was just . . . We were fully guerrilla man. We were going in restaurants and making a scene and renting hotels under false pretenses. You know, holding up convenience stores.

It was great. We're really happy with stuff so far and just how it looks. It's the first video that I think really I've been a part of that I'm so proud of.

Anything you'd like to add?

We're really grateful, especially to Phoenix and everyone that came together so much for us. I and we have worked so hard for so long. It's just an honor. I just feel a nice acknowledgment of our efforts, in an authentic way from people. We're just humbled and grateful.

I'm so stoked for the lineup for the night. I think there are 14 bands, including us. Two of my favorite out-of-state acts are coming in for it: Adam Faucet and Chimney Choir. They are just both brilliant. I listen to both of those bands as a fan, along with several of the bands from Phoenix. I'm just so tickled about the March 1 show.

decker. is scheduled to perform Friday, March 1, at the Sail Inn in Tempe with (deep breath) 6-640 PALMS, Plastic Arts, Them Savages, Vagabond Gods, Fancy Cloud, Field Tripp, Dry River Yacht Club, The Tryst, Adam Faucett & the Tall Grass, Snake! Snake! Snakes!, Chimney Choir, Future Loves Past, and Zero Zero.

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