decker. Probably Isn't Going to Use Kickstarter Ever Again, Even Though It Helped Pay for the Band's Awesome New Album

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Christian Rudman
decker. performs at SxSW.
How do you feel about your new album? It's your fourth one.

I think we're all really proud of it. I'm grateful that there's four. I've never really thought of myself as a prolific writer, so I'm grateful that material keeps happening and getting captured in some capacity. I'm grateful that people seem interested to hear it. We feel really grateful to make it and it's done. Musically, all you can ask is that everyone advances and I think because there was a more solidified band. We're all on the same page musically, and, personally, I've never been as close to proud on the other three as I am on this one. We all feel optimistic where it's headed.

Is this the first time you've ever used Kickstarter?

Yeah, probably last as well.

Well, it was obviously successful.

Fortunately, yeah.

What did you learn from that experience?

Oh goodness. I learned to be very careful for what you set as the rewards because there is just mounds of work. I'm not even 20 percent done with the Kickstarter goodies, so we're just chipping away.

Can I ask how you're feeling about the accident now that it's behind you?

[Vocalist] Kelly's [Cole] right here with me, I can ask her, too. How I feel about the accident mostly is just gratitude across the board. I mean, primarily that Kelly and the rest of us were all okay physically . . . the obviousness that nobody died or much worse things didn't happen. I'd say the after-effects of the accident in terms of those who are still in decker. that I speak with. We're changed people. We're changed people and I think that is massively impacted by the accident.

Kelly, how are you feeling about the accident right now? [Speaks to Cole.] Kelly says, someone was saying, "So sorry about your accident," the other day and she said to them, "I don't feel sorry about it. It was humbling and expansive." I feel the same way. I'm really glad that Kelly feels that way because I felt that way from very early on. I felt guilty at first until Kelly expressed that she felt the same way.

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Jeff Ramon
Jeff Ramon

Doesn't say what goodies they offered and what the hard part about giving em out was.... Or did I miss that?

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