David "CIK" Sankey on How the SWAT Team Busted Up His Rave Set

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David "CIK" Sankey behind the mixers

How do you go about crafting your beats?
It all usually starts with whatever I'm feeling or what's going on in my life at that moment, and I go from there. It's become difficult to watch a movie without a pen and pad to mark times of samples, sounds or things I want to use. Cubase 7, my MIDI controller, Komplete 8 Ultimate, and a huge bucket of frustration are my tools of the trade.

How do you create energy in your mixes?
Mixes are generally my way of telling a story or taking someone on a auditory journey. Remixes you try to add your own flavor while still staying true to the original, and if possible, hopefully making it even better.

How much or your work is original artistry and how much is remixing existing songs?
I have a few releases of my own original work, some of which I collaborated with others, and to date I think we have done three remixes.

What's your favorite track of the moment?
Lenny Dee - Forgotten Moments (Ophidian Remix), the 10 minute version.

What other artists have been finding their way into your set lately?
Lenny Dee, Evil Activities, Angerfist, Promo, Stunned Guys, Tommyknocker, Angel Enemy, Lowroller, D-Passion, Ophidian, Satronica, and Unexist.

What's the key to a good gig?
Being treated with respect by the promoter, being paid without having to chase someone down at the end of the night, and the overall experience.

What's the craziest shit you've seen at a gig?
A show in Texas was raided by the Dallas SWAT team, and I was told to eat the ground while staring down the barrel of a high powered assault rifle.Five minutes before [my] set, on my way to car to get vinyl. Although the occasional fornication on the dance floor would be a close second.

Where else have you performed?
I have performed in NYC, Philadelphia, West Virginia, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, Texas, The Netherlands (including Ground Zero Festival 2010 and 2012), Nocturnal Wonderland 2004, Bang 2008 (Philly), Toronto and Quebec City, Canada.

What bygone club do you miss the most?
That's easy, The Works, hands down. Markus Schulz every Friday and Saturday for $5? Yeah, definitely The Works.

What's your opinion on the future of EDM?
With the world's biggest production companies coming to America and SFX Holdings having a BILLION dollars allotted for dance music, I think it will continue to grow. People are up in arms about this but it will only raise the production level. Personally, I am excited to see Q Dance, ID&T, Tomorrowland, and all the awesome parties Insomniac will put together. Americans have no clue on how grand European production value is, but they'll get a taste here very soon.

David "CIK" Sankey is scheduled to perform at Bubble Bobble 5 on Saturday, March 23, at Arizona Event Center.

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Arizona Event Center

1300 S. Country Club Dr, Mesa, AZ

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