David "CIK" Sankey on How the SWAT Team Busted Up His Rave Set

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Why do prefer raves to club gigs?
[It's] the only place where my style of music is played in clubs is over in Europe. The aggressive nature of my genre makes it very hard to break into the clubs in the US, yet it can be at the forefront of raves and festivals here so that's just how it tends to work out.

What's your favorite thing about raves?
The fact that I can share my sound and my dreams with such a wide range of people in the audience.

What misconceptions do people have about you?
Amongst people that don't know me, word on the street is that I'm arrogant or cocky. But the thing is, I have always had internal battles with celebrating my successes publicly, the reason being is there is always someone who has something negative to say anytime someone accomplishes something significant, others who want that success will run your name through the mud.

How come?
Maybe out of spite, maybe because they're bitter, I really don't know. Due to the hard work and time I've invested to achieve my goals, I hold myself to a higher standard and apparently that comes across as arrogance. The reality is, if you actually get to know me you might be surprised. If I had a nickel for every time I heard someone say, "You're really not a jerk, once I got to know you," I would be a millionaire. It's hard being a performer. The end.

What's the best thing about being a DJ?
Traveling the world and seeing new places, and the friends I have made all over the world.

And the worst thing?
The lack of business ethics amongst so many industry people and promoters. The lack of respect that exists -- especially here in Arizona -- you can get booked to play in Europe in front of 20,000 people, but back home they want to give you a 7 p.m. timeslot because of the style of music you play. Coming in at a close second is how difficult it can be to experience a good, healthy relationship. It's hard to find a girl that wants to date the person I truly am, not just the person in the spotlight behind the turntables.

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