decker.'s Bryant Vazquez Gets Brutal with Vagabond Gods

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"We just started jamming and I just started yelling stuff out," Bryant recalls. "I was really feeling like playing some stripped-down rock 'n' roll, heavy Zeppelin shit. Vagabond Gods took a hiatus for a while. My brother and I kinda stopped talking for a bit and that's when I joined decker. in February last year."

Vazquez has his eyes set on California or New York or "somewhere where there's a large talent pool of bands with balls," because as he puts it, "aesthetically, [Flagstaff] is pleasing, but everything else is dead to me. I'm over it. I'm kinda over Arizona in general."

Perhaps Vazquez can be withdrawn at times. In middle school, he says he didn't hang out with friends outside of class, but instead found solace in his guitar. For Vazquez, music has never been part of being in a "scene" or trying to be cool.

"When I started writing songs, I did it because that was my way to cope with whatever was going on. I went through this crazy fucking nervous breakdown right before leaving to Flagstaff," Vazquez says. "When I was with my girlfriend, I didn't record for a good while. I started feeling on edge. Writing helped me get that out."

Dead Zone - Vagabond Gods - Flagstaff, AZ 2012 at The Hive from Paper Rocket Productions on Vimeo.

If there were only two sides to Vazquez, it would be music and alcohol. Drinking, he says, enables him to get into the proper mindset.

"There's too much going on in my head when I'm sober, and too much going on outside," Vazquez says, beer in hand. "It's a numbing agent, but it also enables for people that do it, enables you to get into that mind frame. It works, man. I like it. I enjoy it . . . We'll see. I don't want to become more of an alcoholic or get cirrhosis or something." He laughs. "I'm gonna stop before that."

Vazquez cites one his heroes, Tom Waits, who has been clean and sober since early in his career. "I wanna say Swordfish Trombones, he was clean. It just depends on where you get your muse and how you handle it."

Vagabond Gods is scheduled to perform Saturday February 2, at Rogue Bar in Scottsdale with Snakes! Snakes! Snakes!, Them Savages, Field Tripp, and Horizon I.

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