The Best and Worst Beatles Conspiracies (NSFW)

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The Beatles Are Better Than The Rolling Stones

Lies. There's a reason the Stones are still together and The Beatles are not (and not just because of members dying). There's a reason why "Let It Bleed" is a better song than "Let It Be." There's a reason why fans of The Beatles have to create bullshit stories to make them seem more mysterious -- the mystery of The Rolling Stones is genuine.

Ha ha, just kidding! Even though I sorta believe that, I'd much rather focus on more intelligent banter. The good thing is we live in a world that has BOTH the Stones and the Beatles. That's enough for me. As for these conspiracy theories, well, they add a little to the mythology of rock n' roll, but not a whole lot. I guess this generation will have to do a better job with the "Dubstep Mythos" in a few years. Gag.

Troy Farah thinks up more conspiracy theories at

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Paul McCartney wrote Getting Better.

Mo Sberg
Mo Sberg

Most CT's just discredit actual research. Having a skeptical mind is one thing, but sensationalism and ego-based "theory" are not something to laud. Exhibit A: Alex Jones.


If I were compiling a Best and/or Worst list of articles using the Beatles name to get an inane load of poorly researched and obviously unedited crap published, then I would place the above at the topper most of the popper most! Congrats Phoenix New Times Blog!

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