Authority Zero Is Stronger with The Tipping Point

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I've had friends who live in other parts of the country get excited that I live in Arizona because of bands like Jimmy Eat World and Authority Zero, so I'm glad you guys are still a significant part of the local music scene.

Me, too. I think that's cool. You don't see a lot of bands really come out of Arizona and I think it's cool that we're hopefully helping put Arizona on the map by being a part of that.

I feel like the music scene has grown a bit in the last few years, too.

I think so, too. I think there was a really stagnant area for a while there, we were on the road a lot, but I did see with my buddies' bands playing out in this part of town that it seems like it's sort of coming back around. Kids are helping each other out and realizing that you need to work together to make this a scene.

Why do you play so many solo shows?

I just love it. I have so much fun, it's a totally different dynamic than we do Authority shows, it's almost the yin and yang of . . . What we do with Authority, it's just one instrument. It's different. It's a different style of music and I've got a lot of buddies out here and we have a great time doing it. I've got friends that come out and play with me sometimes and again with that little block of time that I am home, I try to fit in as many as I can before I take off on the road again because you never know when you're actually going to be back. I just try to spread it out throughout the West Valley and East Valley, and they're just a lot of fun.

So, there's a lot of music in your life.

There is. When I'm not with Authority, I'm doing music otherwise or I'll be writing and trying to be creative.

What do you think you'd be doing if you weren't in a band?

I don't know, all I ever wanted to do before I got into playing music was professionally skate or snowboard. That was kind of what tied me into punk rock and music in general. It kind of came with the territory. I don't know what I'd do, honestly. My only goal and dream really at that point was to do that and then start playing music and . . . If it wasn't with Authority, I'd still be doing acoustic stuff or playing music with someone else.

One thing I noticed about this album is the punk and reggae songs were more separated from each other than previous works. Did you set out to do that?

It truly worked out like that. We've got new members, so it's no big surprise that those individual members are bringing in their personal tastes of music. It's the first time it's ever been so different that they make things stand out and make sense in a weird way, if that makes sense. We were somewhat consciously not trying to the same route we had in the past, and try to do something different with it. It's a little more thought through, I guess.

Like, "Here's this weird chucka-chucka guitar beat kind of thing." We tried to get a little more groovy with it and try something weird compared to what we've done before. Ultimately, we got done and we were like, "What just happened, what did we just do? I don't even know if it was good or bad." Okay, that's cool, I get it. It didn't make sense at the beginning, but now it kind of makes sense.

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