Atlas Genius: Aussie Indie Rocker Keith Jeffery Has No Complaints About Being Buzzworthy

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Frank Maddocks
Atlas Genius
Australian pop-rockers, Atlas Genius, may be in over their hot little Aussie heads. Fairly new to the American-music scene, it hasn't taken long for their talents to reach the right ears and create a whole lot of buzz in the alt/indie-sphere.

With their debut album, When It Was Now, on the brink of its Tuesday, February 19, release, two nominations for this year's Sirius XM Alt Nation awards, including its win for "best in-studio performance" and runner-up for "Band of the Year," and their upcoming North American tour with chart-toppers Imagine Dragons, the band's perfect balance of approachable alternative and electronic sounds is on the verge of a breakout. And, did I mention hot?

We caught up with vocalist/guitarist, Keith Jeffery, to shoot the shit before setting off on tour.

Up On The Sun: First off, congratulations on all the recent buzz -- being nominated for two Alt Nation awards, and winning "Best In-Studio Performance" for your song "Trojans".

Keith Jeffery: Yeah, I was quite shocked about that. The funny thing about that performance was it was the first radio performance I've ever done, and it was a live radio performance, so I was nervous as all hell. I was like, "What? We won?"

How does it all feel? Sort of surreal? Odd maybe?

[Laughs] Yeah, I think it's one of those things where we'll look back, because of the amount of things were doing and focusing on. I'm probably guilty of not just sitting back and smelling the roses sometimes, but yeah, it does feel good.

You're kicking off the Night Visions Tour with Imagine Dragons in Phoenix this Friday. Have you been to Phoenix?

You know that's a very good question, I think we have? Wait, I think we played a show in Tempe. Is it pronounced Tempe?

No, no you're right! Tempe/Phoenix -- same thing.

Okay, good. I assumed it was pronounced Tempe but all of my friends were like, "No, it's pronounced 'Tem-pay' or 'Tem-pre,'" and I was like, "No, I don't think it is."

A lot of people that aren't from here say it a little funny. But, you can call it whatever you want to call it.

I'm gonna call it, Tempe [hot Australian accent].

That was perfect. You just announced your first headling tour -- taking place after your tour with Imagine Dragons. I have to ask this because it's something I'm always curious about with musicians: Does touring the amount you've been touring totally blow?

90% of touring is great. You get to see the world, certain parts of it that you wouldn't get to see otherwise, which is definitely something I love about it. The only downside or when it gets pretty intense is when you get done playing a show and then you have to drive for hours after your show, then in the morning you get up and drive more hours. You know sometimes it gets to be a lot of work but that's pretty much any downside of it. Other than that, it's great. There really aren't any other complaints.

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