Grammy Awards 2013: Katy Clowns Bon Iver, Miguel Shows How It's Done, and Taylor Swift Disses Her Ex

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The confusing "Best Rock Performance" category: Someone really should inform the academy that Coldplay and Mumford & Sons are not rock bands.

Kelly Clarkson isn't that bad after all: I'd be perfectly content if I never heard "Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You)" ever again. It's easy to write her off as a bubblegum pop act, but she nailed it during her tributes to Patti Page and Carole King.

The collaborations: Dr. John and the Preservation Hall Jazz Band made The Black Keys' hit "Lonely Boy" (Which won the Grammy for "Best Rock Performance") even more bluesy and awesome. We were never expecting Sting, Bruno Mars, Rihanna, and the Marley kids to play a song together, but the group did Bob Marley some justice by performing "Could You Be Loved?" Jack White had one of the most memorable performances of the evening thanks to talented musicians and a cool peacock jacket.

The Levon Helm tribute was pretty glorious--Elton John and Mavis Staple stole the thunder in this cool collaboration with T. Bone Burnett, Zac Brown, Mumford and Sons, and Brittany Howard (of Alabama Shakes).

LL Cool J finally stopped blabbering on about Twitter and explaining musicians' country of origin by joining Z-Trip, Chuck D, Tom Morello, and Travis Barker for "Whaddup." The supergroup spliced in a chorus of Beastie Boys' "No Sleep 'Til Brooklyn" as the song awkwardly faded into the show's end credits.

The invasion of indie folk:Just as folks were baffled about the likes of "Arcade Fries" and "Bonny Bear" winning awards, I can't help but scratch my head as indie folk appears to be overtaking the "alternative" genre. In a world where Taylor Swift is stoked on "Ho Hey" and Mumford and Sons take "Album of the Year," Three Doors Down may have been inched out once and for all.

Shut up already, Katy Perry: Dissing Bon Iver and plugging your eyelash line wasn't funny.

The outfits: Kelly Rowland and Carly Rae Jepsen both looked stunning, but Carrie Underwood dominated with her lit up ballgrown.

Frank Ocean...yay? He had stunning visuals during his performance of "Forrest Gump," but his vocals weren't quite up to par. Fortunately, the singer still went home with a Grammy.

You were robbed! Kelly Clarkson beat out Florence + the Machine and fun. for "Best Pop Vocal Album," ouch. Babel took "Album of the Year," really? Channel Orange was arguably the most deserving, so now we're stuck with Mumford and Sons being overplayed even more.

It wasn't televised, but the "Best Alternative Music Album" category had some pretty great submissions. Fiona Apple, M83 and Tom Waits could have easily taken the award, but instead it went to Gotye.

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Joe Rollins
Joe Rollins

Another year, and another show that proves the grammys know nothing about music. They really should have named all their awards after the iTunes list of which each artist took the top download spot. Because it's not about art or music anymore, only sales numbers.

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