Grammy Awards 2013: Katy Clowns Bon Iver, Miguel Shows How It's Done, and Taylor Swift Disses Her Ex

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Miguel and Wiz Khalifa
The Grammys are a huge night for music fans. While we tend to shake our head and wonder how some of these artists won (ie. "Album of the Year"), it's entertaining to watch the live performances and keep fingers crossed for our favorite artists. fun. won big last night, sweeping up the "Song of the Year" award for "We Are Young" and beating out Frank Ocean for "Best New Artist."

This year's Grammy awards show was a little lacking in the scandal department, but we're still too mesmerized by Justin Timberlake to care. Check out our recap of the 2013 Grammy Awards after the jump.

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-fun.'s "We Are Young" Wins Grammy Award for "Song of the Year

Taylor Swift takes a jab at her ex: We get it, Taylor. You're never ever getting back together with One Direction's Harry Styles, but the opening performance at the Grammys is not the time or the place to drive the point home. In spite of initially lacking class, she was pretty entertaining to watch throughout the night as she seemed stoked to every band.

Elton John, for better or worse: Ed Sheeran wrote a boring song that teenage girls love, and Sir Elton somehow made it even more boring in the duo's rendition of "The A Team." We can't fault John for that, as his contribution to the Levon Helm tribute totally made up for it.

Big Singles: Adele won the Grammy for "Best Pop Solo Performance" for "Set Fire to the Rain." While it's nice to see Adele triumph over generic songs by Rihanna, Kelly Clarkson, and Katy Perry, we can't help but wonder why she's still winning awards for 21.Jay-Z and Kanye West's Watch the Throne swept up three Grammys. We can't really complain about "No Church in the Wild" overtaking "Wild Ones" for "Best Rap/Sung Collaboration." Gotye and Kimbra's overplayed "Somebody That I Used To Know" took Record of the Year, beating out more deserving tracks like "Thinkin Bout You" and "We Are Young," but it was almost worth it to see a sassy, soft spoken Prince gush about Gotye. Almost.

Weird commercials: While it's good to emphasize the importance of prostate exams, your lady will be pretty pissed if your gift to her is a trip to the doctor. (The ad is lying, she really does want diamonds.) It was pretty funny to see Taco Bell's spoof of fun.'s "We Are Young" after the group got rained on during "Carry On."

What do these people have to do with country? Bonnie Raitt and John Mayer make a strange duo. Congrats to Raitt for winning her 10th Grammy, but Mayer just looked like awkward, douchey arm candy. Keith Urban and Kaley Cuoco were worthy of a few head scratches as the duo presented the award for "Best Pop Vocal."

Cringe-worthy couples: These folks could take a nod from Taylor Swift--John Mayer and Katy Perry were coupled up and Chris Brown and Rihanna were spotted getting cozy, ick. Years later, Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban still look pretty uncomfortable together. I wonder how much Kanye West loathes Wiz Khalifa now that he's paired with Amber Rose.

"Who is that Miguel guy, anyway?" It's a good time for neo-soul, as Miguel collaborated with Wiz Khalifa for a stunning performance of "Adorn." Kelly Clarkson was right, "that was the sexiest damn thing" we have ever seen as well.

Justin Timberlake: Did you see how excited Ellen Degeneres and Beyonce were to introduce JT's comeback? It was completely warranted as the singer performed his sultry new song "Suit & Tie" with a little help from Jay-Z and a backing big band. Timberlake's retro appeal was a little excessive, as the video faded into a sepia tone, but overall it was a classy affair.

How is "urban contemporary" different from R&B? Frank Ocean gets his first big win in this year's brand new category. It seems like a fancy way to describe R&B, but R&B had its own category--The Robert Glasper Experiment beat out musicians like R. Kelly and Tyrese. Ocean, Chris Brown and Miguel probably could have been placed in the same category, but we're glad to see the humble singer take a win, even if Tyler the Creator looked surprisingly calm and normal.

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Joe Rollins
Joe Rollins

Another year, and another show that proves the grammys know nothing about music. They really should have named all their awards after the iTunes list of which each artist took the top download spot. Because it's not about art or music anymore, only sales numbers.

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