Zia Records Now Accepting Local Submissions for You Heard Us Back When Compilation

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Kinch has been featured on a past installment of You Heard Us Back When. Also, we miss Kinch.
Zia Records' "You Heard Us Back When" compilation has a solid history. The comp has been going strong since 2008, giving a bevy of local acts from Phoenix, Tucson, and Las Vegas a chance to shine. The likes of Snake! Snake! Snakes!, Kinch, Courtney Marie Andrews, Scorpion vs. Tarantula, Dry River Yacht Club, Dust Jacket, and more have graced the compilation in the past, so future submissions are in good company. Plus, You Heard Us Back When received a Phoenix New Times Best of Award for Best Local Compilation CD in 2010, so you're in good hands.

The deadline for artists to submit tracks for You Heard Us Back When, Volume 7 is Friday, March 8. Find out a little bit more about the compilation and the selection process after the jump.

There is no limit to who can submit music. Zia is looking for all genres of music from musicians of all ages. "That's the great thing about the compilations, they show the variety of music in our community and that music is something for everyone," says Mary Papenhausen, Zia's promotions director.

Zia encourages as many submissions as possible. In the event that the compilation has too much music, which has happened a few times in the past, it will get bumped to a two disc format for the same price.

Musicians are encouraged to submit their music by dropping a CD off at any of the eight Zia locations (yes, that includes Las Vegas, too) or submitting songs digitally. Artists are encouraged to use an FTP service to share a WAV, FLAC or other lossless format, submitting songs to info@ziarecords.com.

Better yet, part of the proceeds from the compilation will be donated to charity. Zia has yet to announce this year's organization, but in the past, the record store has worked with Ear Candy and the Solid Rock and Beer for Brains Foundations.

The compilation will be released at all Zia Records locations on April 20, just in time for Record Store Day.

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