The Who's Greatest Misses: Songs They Reissued Only Once

The next five are only found on their respective B-sides and the aforementioned dreadful Two's Missing.

"Under My Thumb" (1967)

When Mick Jagger and Keith Richard faced jail time for a 1967 drug bust, The Who - sans Entwhistle (who was on his honeymoon) rushed into the studio to record two Stones songs to show solidarity. While the A-side, "(This Could Be) The Last Time," turned up in The Who boxed set Thirty Years of Maximum R&B, this less effective B-side only made it to, you guessed it, Two's Missing.

"Dogs Part 2"(1969)

So annoying is this flipside of "Pinball Wizard" that it appears to be the only Who B-side not included on UK Rarities Part 1 & 2. Composer Keith Moon shared songwriting credit with Townshend and Entwhistle's pooches Towser and Jason, who yelp throughout this instrumental.

"Here For More "(1970)

A rare (and countrified) Daltrey composition (his second and last solo credit in The Who) was positioned on the flip of "The Seeker."

"When I Was a Boy" (1971)

This great Entwhistle B-side (supporting "Let's See Action") has avoided inclusion on any Lifehouse related reissues. And is one of the few reasons you might still consider owning Two's Missing.

"Wasp Man"(1972)

Another Keith Moon instrumental B-side, this one found on the underside of the "Relay" single.

"Athena" (1982)

The Who only played "this song a total of 10 times on the 1982 tour, and has not played the song again ever since. And despite being the group's last Top 40 hit, it has escaped all nine greatest hits collection released from 1985 to 2009. Only the UK version of The Ultimate Collection in 2002 saw fit to include it. Just to be different . . .

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First off, I take umbrage  at you calling "Dogs pt. 2" an annoying song. (And I know you are not a drummer) but I had it on a bootleg I got from Roads to Moscow and would play it every chance I could get.  And the song you didn't mention-- the Batman Theme.

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