The Who's Greatest Misses: Songs They Reissued Only Once

"Instant Party" (1965)

Although it is listed as a track on their debut U.S. album, the song featured was actually an alternate version of "Circles." On the deluxe My Generation, we get the actual never-released "Instant Party," listed there as "Instant Party Mixture."

"Waltz for a Pig" (1966)

This never appeared on any Who album anywhere because it was not recorded by The Who! This instrumental, credited to The Who Orchestra, was actually The Graham Bond Organisation, throwing together an instrumental to appear on the flip on their 1966 single, "Substitute," which served the band as it broke its contract with -- you guessed it -- Shel Talmy.

"I've Been Away" (1967)

This whiny Entwhistle-penned UK B-side of "Happy Jack" wasn't even issued in the Who's Missing series to appease completists. It finally turned up stateside as a bonus cut on the CD release of A Quick One in 1995.

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First off, I take umbrage  at you calling "Dogs pt. 2" an annoying song. (And I know you are not a drummer) but I had it on a bootleg I got from Roads to Moscow and would play it every chance I could get.  And the song you didn't mention-- the Batman Theme.

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