Social Distortion, Marquee Theatre, 1/22/13

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Melissa Fossum
"California" and "Can't Take it With You" were followed by "99 to Life" and the aforementioned "Ring of Fire".

Social Distortion did a fantastic job of providing its loyal fans with everything they could expect from a show. They hit all their major material and Ness still sounds fantastic. Where the band will go from here is anybody's guess. But after tonight, one definitely got the sense that the band isn't anywhere near finished, and that the never-waning popularity of the band will continue to grow.

For those who couldn't make last night's show, fear not. They will be playing tonight as well.

Melissa Fossum
Critic's Notebook:

Last Night: Social Distortion with Red Devil Squadron at Marquee Theatre

Crowd: A mix of fans young and old.

Songs I wanted to hear: "Angel's Wings" and "Sick Boy"

Approximate Set List (I may have missed something while venturing to the bathroom):

"So Far Away"
"Bad Luck"
"Still Alive"
"Highway 101"
"The Creeps"
"She Begins"
"Cold Feelings"
"Far Side of Nowhere"
"Crown of Thorns"
"Sweet and Lowdown"
"Ball and Chain"
"Drug Train"
"Dear Lover"
"Can't Take it With You"
"99 to Life"
"Ring of Fire"

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Location Info


Marquee Theatre

730 N. Mill Ave., Tempe, AZ

Category: Music

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One of the best shows we've been to in a long time. We meaning my husband and our three kids! They are true Cradle Social Distortion Fans! Making Memories!


Good missed "Hour of Darkness" between The Creeps and When She Begins.

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