Pinback's Rob Crow Has A Lot of Thoughts Concerning Star Wars

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For a non-music question, I know you're quite the Star Wars fan. How do you feel about Disney making the new Star Wars movies?

I'm super excited, I can't wait. I hope it has more to do with the Pixar line of excellence. Pixar almost always makes something really spectacular. The stories are so great, whenever I would watch those movies when the prequels were coming out, I'd just be like 'why can't these be good'?

The prequels [were] supposed to be the greatest movies ever made, right? And everybody knew they were supposed to be the greatest movies ever made, [but] they're all big steaming stinky piles of poopy guts, but other movies were coming out [at the same time] were excellent and children had great role models and things. It drives me nuts [laughs].

So, you think Disney will have a good, fresh take on it?

I hope so, I can't say, but I have "a new hope" for it. It's not just that they're doing [episodes] 7, 8 and 9; they're doing all of these extraneous films too at the same time that have nothing to do with that. Just more gritty Star Wars universe, please. Ooooh, boy.

You guys put out a new album and you're going to do some tour stuff, other than that, what are some of Pinback's plans for the rest of the year?

Just lots of touring, pretty much. I think we're both trying to finish up some other projects...who knows, maybe put out an EP or something.

Have you been working on some new songs?

Not really. There's definitely some in the chamber. We work on them, so they're some of the greatest songs to one person. At the end, there's a voting process and one person usually doesn't win certain songs. That's what EPs are great for. This is all theoretical, this isn't anything we've definitely planned, but the way it usually can work is that song that you think is the greatest thing ever is finally able to come out and then history will be the judge.

Any more Star Wars thoughts?

The thing that annoyed me the most about the prequels is that there was no heroes, there's no real protagonists. It was like recruitment for the dark side and I've always been a huge fan of the light side of the force.

I still buy Star Wars toys, but I never buy Darth Vader toys or TIE fighters or anything like that. I'm all about the cool guys' stuff, the B-wings, X-wings, landspeeders, things of this nature, Luke Skywalker stuff. I'll go Boba Fett because he's rogue, but I love that there's heroes. Heroes go through a hero's quest and it comes out rad at the end. I admit, it would be nice to have a real hero. The prequels ruined so much of that. All it has to do with is midichlorian bullshit, who cares?

Here's what I'm hoping happens- certain things like the idea that midicholrians make you a Jedi were actually a dark side plot. Who was in charge of making these? It could obviously have been Palpatine with his hand in there somehow. It could make the idea of not having midichlorians as horrible as...I don't even want to say. I'm just saying that if they keep on this track, there's going to be midichlorian-only planets, and that's not right. There's going to be midicholrian-only washrooms.

And that's not fair.

That's such bullshit. You're going to have you know play the midichlorian panthers and I would totally join the non-midichlorian panthers, and I'll get sunglasses because they'll be silly.

Pinback is scheduled to perform Thursday, January 31, at Crescent Ballroom.

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