Paul Oakenfold: Electronic Legend Says America Will Dominate the Next Wave of EDM

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I really enjoyed EA Sports' FIFA, and one installment included a song of yours, "Beautiful Goal." I'm a bit of a Chelsea F.C. fan. Are you a football fan?

[Laughs] Yes, I am a big fan of European football.

And you're a die heart fan of...?

Chelsea! Yes.

Alright, then we see eye to eye on something.

There you go. We get along then.

I'm don't usually listen to local radio. I typically listen to Sirus XM. I listen to your show, Planet Perfecto on Electric Area. You have a lot of range, playing trance, progressive, electro house, and more. You give the people more of your work and others. How do you go about choosing the track lists for each broadcast?

I think it's really the music I just really enjoy. There's not much [to it] or as deep as one may think. If I like the record then I play it. I do think it's important to support new talent and help new music, so that may play a part, but if it's a great track, I'll play it.

There's been such a rapid and huge transition within the electronic scene within America. It's no longer just underground. What's your perspective and outlook for the future of EDM in America?

I think it's wonderful that America has embraced it. I think it's fantastic that it has finally caught up with the rest of the world in terms of electronic music. We're all about sharing that scene. It's always been a global scene. It's not a niche kind of music.

I remember in the UK with a lot of the rap that was coming out of America, people just couldn't relate to it and didn't understand what anyone was talking about, but what's special about electronic music is that it's very global. It great that America has finally caught up.

What do you think the future holds for this genre? Some say EDM will die, I argue differently that it's not even close to being exposed entirely.

There's going to be a whole new [wave], and the next wave will be American. We've got a whole lot of Europeans. It's all European dominated now. I reckon the next wave will [feature] a lot of great American DJs producers and acts. There will be a moment similar to what we had in the UK. All of it, similar to what we had in the UK, with Daft Punk, Prodigy, Underworld. You'll have that moment, and you haven't had it yet. You really haven't had a moment when you've got the big American DJ and great American young producers. That's yet to come, [but] you've got people who are popping up, [like] Porter Robinson. At the moment it's dominated by Europe, and that will hopefully change.

I love seeing new talents, and that the style could catch on everywhere.

For sure. I love that. I think it's good to say "Who's to say we don't find the next Daft Punk or Armin Van Buuren?" So we want to encourage that.

Paul Oakenfold is scheduled to perform Friday, February 1, at Wild Knight in Scottsdale.

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What a great time at Wild Knite!!! Paul is such a cool guy and rips it on the TT.  I wish I was going to Cochella!!!! 


Oakenfold is a sad old hack trolling his premixed wares wherever he can get a gig, It seems that Phoenix has become a place for has beens or neverwere's to make a dollar or two, pretty much indicative of the pathetic EDM scene in this backwater of a city where a premixed "set", serato or tracker, rather than skill, talent, taste, or good music seem to be the tragic norm.


oh look a "dj" that sits in the both and drinks hineken instead of actually mixing his music together  the way folks who are not poser actors do.

Paul Oakenfool you make Detroit very said, and you are a disgrace to every pair of 1200s you've sat behind.

DJs that cannot mix have no right to pretend that they do hiding behind those decks being fakers.

Paul Okenfold, you represent every thing bad in commercialize progressive electronic music, and FYI Detroit has dominated the world ever since nude photo was put on a piece of wax.

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