Murs Says Don't Write Music If You "Don't Have Shit to Say"

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Inspiration for Paid Dues' diversity:

"[I saw] Kid'n Play, Too Short, Queen Latifah and NWA all on the same floor with X-Plan and Digital Underground. I was like, '"what the fuck?" That's my inspiration - that's how I want people to look at Paid Dues. People telling me I've sold out and gone mainstream. I'm fine with that because I know that there's still Grieves and someone from Doomtee on the bill along with Dipset, along with Odd Future along with Kendrick Lamar along with Mac Miller."

On His Career:

"Just being around Snoop Dogg and seeing that he has to be 'on' every minute. At one point the rumor was - and we had the same manager -- that he slept for two hours four times a day, and that was the only way he could get any sleep. He works so hard... My career has been what it's been but I wouldn't trade it for Snoop Dogg's. I don't know if I'm built that way. Life it gives you your own path. I think I work just as hard in my own way and I don't think that Snoop or Eminem could do what I do and I definitely don't think I could do what they do."

Murs is scheduled to perform Tuesday, February 5, at Club Red in Tempe.

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