The 17 Most Anticipated Metal Albums of 2013

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Polish black/death metal band Behemoth.

Some of my favorite black/death metal bands are releasing new material this year -- actually, there are hundreds of extreme metal releases this year from incredible bands. 13 must be the genre's lucky number.

Title: TBA
Release Date: Fall
Polish extreme metallers Behemoth are always hard at work establishing the Polish death metal underground, but currently they're crafting their 10th full-length album. This is the band's first album in almost four years and the first since vocalist Nergal beat leukemia (maybe those occult/Satanic witch doctors do have a trick or two up their sleeves).

Behemoth's "Lucifer"

Toward the end of 2012, the band was demoing material in a studio, claiming that an artistic release will take place sometime in late 2013.

rigor mortis.jpg
The Gauntlet

Rigor Mortis
Title: Slaves to the Grave
Release Date: December
Rigor Mortis has been an important part of metal, even though this will be the band's first album with the original lineup in 25 years. Back in the '80s and '90s, Rigor Mortis was a huge influenced to the underground scene, even influencing such singers as Phil Anselmo.

Rigor Mortis and Phil Anselmo performing "Demons" in 2007

Slaves to the Grave is even more important now that guitarist Mike Scaccia passed away on stage from a heart attack while performing at Warbeast/Rigor Mortis singer Bruce Corbitt's 50th birthday bash on December 23.


Title: TBA
Release Date: TBA
Swedish black metal extremists Watain are known for some insane live shows, which are frequented by flaming tridents and dead animal parts.

Waitain's "Stellarvore"

But the band just signed a deal with Century Media Records and is ready to take it to the next level. Its 2013 release and fifth album is expected to live up to the phrase "go extreme or go home." Well, if that isn't a phrase, it is now.

soilwork photo.jpg
Nuclear Blast

Title: The Living Infinite
Release Date: March 5
I've loved Soilwork for years since discovering A Predator's Portrait. Hell, I even painted the album cover after I became so emotionally attached to the record. The Swedish melodic death metal gurus are putting out not one, but two, new records in 2013. The band has said that the new music takes its style and influence up a notch, following the band's normal intensity. But is "working from the ground up" (as its name suggests) when it comes to layered instruments and poignant vocals.

Soilwork's "A Predator's Portrait"

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Tony Jackson
Tony Jackson

SOILWORK! One glaring omission from this list: AMON AMARTH! \m/

Brett Giles
Brett Giles

New Alice In Chains probably. The new Tool album always seems to take years, so your rumor is taken with a HUGE grain of salt, and as far as NIN, Trent said it was a goodbye to touring tour, no more intensive tour schedule, but plenty of new music, though he seems to be doing a lot with musical scores lately, so we'll see if he has an album of NIN material.

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