KILLtheALEX on the Perils of a Huge Mohawk and How M.A.S.K. Got Him Wearing Goggles

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Do you create your own mixes?
I do have a few, but I spend days sometimes putting those together. I often have to figure out what the hell I am doing live. Which is fun and scary at the same time. I try to theme things around the event though sometimes, but it just depends.

What's your favorite track at the moment?
I love the track "Get Rid of This Life" by Sleetgrout. I looked up the amount of plays for each song and that was the one I listened to the most in my player.

What other artists have been working their way into your set lately?
Detroit Diesel, C-Lekktor, Nitronoise, Noisuf-X/X-fusion, and Die Sektor.

How big is your Mohawk?
I have had it at different heights for about six years now. It's been up to 12-13 inches tall down to three inches. I have a love/hate relationship with my Mohawk. I love having it, but I hate putting it up. The taller the hawk, the harder it is to get out the door early.

What's with your goggles?
I knew that was coming. The goggles are where I get all my powers of awesome. They enable me to be KILLtheALEX and finesse beats.

Were you inspired by Trent Reznor in the video for "Closer" bychance?
You know, to actually [state] a specific reason why is hard. I have always loved goggles when I was younger. I was a bit too shy to actually wear them when I was younger. I can't actually think of a specific icon. Maybe it was because of some cartoon I forgot about, like M.A.S.K.

The one with the 1980s with transforming vehicles and whatnot?
Yeah, I used to love that show. It was because it was like G.I. Joe with Transformers thrown in. Cool cars which every kid loves. It had a sort of James Bond feel too.

Would BlakOpz ever do an industrial cover of the theme?
I don't know if we could make that work, but I know a band by the name of The Gothsicles, who would probably jump on that idea. They are a scene band that talks heavily about video games and cool older Iconic things like M.A.S.K..

KILLtheALEX is scheduled to DJ during Resurrection on Friday, March 1, at Palazzo. More details are available on the event's Facebook page.

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