KILLtheALEX on the Perils of a Huge Mohawk and How M.A.S.K. Got Him Wearing Goggles

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KILLtheALEX spins at Sanctum.

Where have you performed as a DJ?
At a lot of venues new/old here in Phoenix. My first gig was at the old Black & Tan, which I played three or four times. I have played at Palazzo for TekNOIR, Sanctum for Fallout Shelter, Tranzylvania and various other events there. A few times at Anderson's Fifth Estate, Dani Danger's birthday party at Goat Head Saloon, and various other events around the Valley.

Do you have any DJ residencies?
I have been asked to do a few residencies but due to my band being so demanding, it has been rather tough to do that. I generally just like to support the scene out here because I love the music, the people and want it to grow/thrive. I have a few DJ events coming up in the coming months that I cannot speak about just yet.

What's your preferred poison while DJing?
Seems like for a while there, I was drinking a big glass of absinthe and then usually a few vodka Red Bulls after that. Absinthe wakes me up and makes me really into what I am doing. Other than that, some Jack Daniel's does me just right.

What's the biggest gig you've played with either BlakOPz or as a DJ?
Well, as far as the band is concerned, we have played with some pretty big names, but I would have to say the gig we opened up for Suicide Commando in Denver. Suicide Commando had never played in the states and when we opened up the crowd was singing along with us and driven to a frenzy during our set. It was a great show and we were honored to be apart of it.

What's the craziest shit you've seen at a gig?
The industrial scene can be rather tame and wild at the same time. As far as with the band, we were performing at a gig here locally for Devious Minds Productions for a fetish event. On stage we performed with a BDSM master who shared the stage with us. He was tying up two females to various fetish equipment -- one was a Saint Andrew's Cross -- and lashing them with a whip. Which came rather close to me while we all were on stage. It was definitely a BlakOPz first, as I had mentioned live. We had a great time and the sound at the Monarch Theater was impressive.

What's your mantra when it comes to DJing?
If you are not pushing yourself into the uncomfortable zone live with DJ'ing you are not doing it right. It's all about taking risks and being creative. That's the funnest part. Mixing ain't always easy at first but it's definitely something that makes the whole thing worth while. Think outside the box and try new things. Make a themed Intro for your live sets to set your self a part from the sea of other DJ's. Most importantly, get into your set while you are spinning. People enjoy seeing someone who is into what they are doing.

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