KILLtheALEX on the Perils of a Huge Mohawk and How M.A.S.K. Got Him Wearing Goggles

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Jeremiah Toller
Alex King (a.k.a. KILLtheALEX)
It isn't hard to miss Alex King when he's out and about at industrial or fetish events, probably because he rocks a foot-high multicolored Mohawk and a pair of goggles strapped to his melon. According to the 35-year-old musician and DJ, both help provide him with awesome powers when he's gigging with sociopolitical industrial/EBM band BlakOPz or spinning up dark electro at local clubs.

King, who performs as KILLtheALEX, was inspired to don the groovy safety specs from his love of the old 1980s cartoon M.A.S.K., which was one of the topics under discussion when Up on the Sun spoke with him recently. We also chatted about BlakOPz's newest albums, how the band has nothing nothing to do with the blockbuster shoot-'em-up video game of the same name, and the perils of having such a gigantic hairstyle.

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A.K.A: Alex King

Preferred genres: I typically spin industrial-edged hard dance, harsh EBM, dark electro, and a little terror EBM. I have also been found spinning electro, trip-hop and downtempo occasionally for fun. Just depends on my mood. I am far more comfortable with the industrial scene music.

Upcoming gigs: Resurrection at Palazzo on Friday, March 1. BlakOPz will be performing at the Resistanz Festival in Sheffield England on March 29-31. We are really excited to make it out of the states for that.

How did you get into the DJ game?
I started to learn DJing from my bandmate in BlakOPz who started as a hard dance rave DJ. He used to go by the name Mindbender. He and I use a turntable to mix our songs live for the band, so he wanted to teach me how to jump up there and spin during our sets. At the time, we were doing more dance tracks than singing tracks. Once I jumped on I started to really enjoy crafting a set and figured this might be fun to do while I am not doing the band thing.

Explanation behind your DJ nickname:
It's also my stage name in our band. The whole meaning behind came up years ago when MySpace was dominating the social networks. It's sort of a joke against the world. It means everyone is out to get me. Somehow it just sort of stuck and never really left me even after the rise of Facebook.

How did your first gig as a DJ go?
My first real try was live on Mindbender's set a few times. I said to him, "Are you crazy?" He gave me the headphones and pointed out what I needed to do and I tried to match the beat and when I got it he said, "Congrats, you are a DJ." Which there was much more to learn.

What's BlakOPz?
The band I am currently doing in the industrial scene. It's basically a mix of industrial, hard dance, dark electro and harsh EBM all mixed together. My bandmate Mindbender and I produce all of the music and I also sing. We like to talk about a lot of political issues in the United States and the world. We try to be current and address some of our feelings towards the issues going on in today's world.

How are things going with the band?
We are signed to Deathwatch Asia out of Japan and also licensed here in North America by Vendetta Music. We just released our debut album Blood, Sweat and Fear on both of those labels. We are also currently working on our second release right now. It will [drop] this year hopefully around spring.

Ever play either of the Call of Duty: Black Ops games?
I have and I play part two quite frequently. And, no, we have nothing to do with that game. We came up with the name months before we even knew it was coming out.

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