10 Kanye West Lyrics the "Kimye Baby" Will One Day Be Embarrassed About

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World, prepare for the "Kimye" child.
Kanye West and Kim Kardashian's child is bound to be the most narcisstic tot to walk the face of the earth. Let's just hope that Baby Kimye ends up innocent and adorable and doesn't go the way of his or her sex tape-making parents.

The media is already critical of Kim's changing body and HuffPo used technology to come up with some rather creepy image composites of what Kimye might look like.

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Most gossip sites focus on Kiki and overlook the skeletons in Yeezy's closet. It's weird to listen to Watch the Throne knowing that in a few months, both 'Ye and Jay-Z will be dads. Blue Ivy may be down with "Big Pimpin'," but we can't help but wonder what Yeezy will share with his child. We got a head start by finding the 10 lyrics that may embarrass Papa Kanye in a few years.


She find pictures in my email
I sent this bitch a picture of my dick

'Ye will need some thorough parental controls to ensure that his child doesn't accidentally stumble across his junk. No child wants to think about hear about their father's penis, let alone hear him discuss the bad decisions he's made regarding it.

The last two and a half minutes of "Blame Game"

Kanye's pairing with John Legend is gorgeous and nearly flawless...with the exception of Chris Rock rambling on and on about "reupholstered pussy." Yeezy taught this woman so well that Rock will shoot anybody who tries to bootleg Kanye's music.


Have you ever had sex with a pharaoh?
I put the pussy in a sarcophagus

Kanye, that's just gross. Your kid doesn't need to hear you bragging about having sex so rough that you killed some genitalia and bruised an esophagus.

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Peter Fullmer
Peter Fullmer

I just hope that one day, as many people who are up to speed on what our Nation's stupid celebrities can also know about more relevant current events, or at least be able to name as many scientists or politicians as they can for reality TV.

Stephen Grange
Stephen Grange

Things NO-ONE has ever said "Be a good idea to fertilize a Kardashian"!

Gerry Valenzuela
Gerry Valenzuela

Haha. Kanye is a sucker who went and really bought the cow. Now he's stuck with that harpy forever till he buys the farm. Sucka!

Gerry Valenzuela
Gerry Valenzuela

Are you kidding? Those people have no shame. And I ain't talking race, I'm talking low class media whores.

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