Visual Hip-Hop Duo Hobo Stew Has Some Choice Words to Live By

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Hobo Stew
Thanks to the popularity of the programs such as Photoshop, everyone in this day and age feels like they can become a media design mogul with purchase of a camera and a few ideas.

What very few realize is that it takes much more than a few hours in front of a computer to really set yourself apart from the crowd. Tucson graphic design artists Marco Oliva and Tommy Haskins, also known as the duo Hobo Stew, know that it takes not only talent and style but also an unique approach and finesse to climb to the top of the business. Over the last couple of years, the duo has produced videos and graphics for rising hip-hop greats, including Tucson-based artist, Isaiah Toothtaker and underground legend Murs.

I got a chance to catch a quick interview with the two young artists to get the lowdown.

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Hobo Stew
Up on the Sun: Who and what is Hobo Stew?

Tommy Haskins: Hobo Stew is two friends who decided to try make cool creative shit together. We started out pitching cartoon ideas to Disney, Cartoon Network, and Nickelodeon, [and] quickly found out we liked partying in L.A. more than having meetings with stuffy network guys. 

Marco Oliva: Yeah, fuck ties

Haskins: After that we decided to create Hobo Stew, with which we could utilize all of the talents.  

How would you guys describe your art style?

We like to say we are the one-stop creative shop. We have a wide range of styles, which we can incorporate into all the creative disciplines from graphic design, illustration, photography, cinematography, animation, motion design, editing, and film-directing.  

I know that you have a few videos with underground rap legend MURS, how did that relationship come about? 

Oliva: We met Murs through Isaiah Toothtaker and then again through
[Tucson-based deejay] Herm Guzman. Murs saw some of our work and asked if we could do one for him. 

Haskins: We gladly accepted. We always have a blast working with Murs and he has become a good friend of ours.

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