10 Stories Behind Our Favorite Hard Rock Stage Names


Ace Frehley
Name: Paul Daniel Frehley

This legend's stage persona of the "Spaceman" reflected his love for science fiction and the fact that he often felt like he was "from another planet."

Paul Stanley
Name: Stanley Harvey Eisen

"Starchild" was due to the fact that Stanley was known as a hopeless romantic and a "starry-eyed lover."

Gene Simmons
Name: Chaim Weitz

Simmons was known for being quite the cynic, so that, combined with his dark sense of humor, was enough for him to become known as "The Demon."

Peter Criss
Name: George Peter John Criscuola

Criss' persona was the "Catman." Think it's the more pussy stage name of the band? Well, it may not seem too tough, the name originated from the fact that he had such a rough upbringing in Brooklyn, New York, that it was said he had nine lives.

Alice Cooper
Name: Vincent Damon Furnier

When it came to creating music, Vincent and his fellow musicians just wanted to create a band that was villainous and shocking. In the late 1960s, he settled on Alice Cooper because it conjured an image of a little girl with a lollipop in one hand, and a butcher knife in the other. Then, he modeled his look off Bette Davis' dark-eyed persona in Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? and the character, Barbarella played by Jane Fonda in the cult Italian sci-fi/skin flick from 1968.

King Diamond - Promo Photo (3).jpg
Metal singer King Diamond. Hint, hint: that's not his real name.
King Diamond
Name: Kim Bendix Peterson

I guess with a name like Kim, something's gotta be done when you're a dude in a metal world. In 1976, King played his first show with a band called Brainstorm that wore makeup that was inspired by Alice Cooper. King chose his stage name based upon a persona he wanted to project, so he decided to keep it even after the band broke up. Three bands later, King still rocks his original stage name.

Dani Filth
Name: Daniel Lloyd Davey

Don't let the sweet accent fool you; Dani loves him some filth. As Cradle of Filth's vocalist and writer, he decided to make part of the band name his own, and uses the spelling "Dani" because it meants "Berft Of God" in Hebrew.

Name: Saul Hudson

We all know that Slash never stops moving and creating. Whether he's cameo-ing in friend's bands, rocking out with Myles Davis, getting bound and gagged by Fergie, or just making sweet, sweet love to his guitar on stage, he never seems to just stop and rest. He must have always been that way; he gained the nickname Slash from one of his friend's dads when he was a teenager, because of his tendency to be always moving.

What would your heavy metal stage name be? Here's a website to generate your own rockstar name for fun.

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