Down, Marquee Theatre, 1/14/13

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Jim Louvau
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As Down wrapped up its set with favorites "Hail the Leaf" and "Stone the Crow," it was the most intense I'd seen the mosh pit all night long. Either the alcohol kicked in, the weed wore off, or fans finally figured what did they have to lose getting into the non-threatening pit. (Overheard outside the pit: "What, man? No, I'm not getting in there! I'm a doctor; I can't go to work tomorrow with a black eye!")

At the very end, Anselmo sucked on a cigarette and eyeballed the crowd. "Let's make this obvious as a motherfucker," he wheezed. "What do you guys wanna hear?"

The crowd poll worked. Fans all seemed to scream out simultaneously "Bury Me in Smoke!" the classic cut from Down's 1996 debut.

As the audience sang and danced along to the song, the stage began to fill up with an array of Texas metallers from Honky and Warbeast. Everyone took turns singing the lyrics into the mic, and there were a lot of hugs and back-slaps happening on stage.

If the size of the crowd on a Monday night indicated anything, it's that every time Down comes through town the venue is going to be packed, and that the metal vets are going to give it their all.

Down Setlist:

Eyes South
Open Coffin
Pillars of Eternity
Losing All
No Dying Whore
Temptation Wings
Misfortune Teller
Hail the Leaf
Stone the Crow
Bury Smoke

Last Night: Warbeast and Down at the Marquee Theatre, 1/14/13.

The Crowd: Middle-aged couples, stoners in their 50s, and the occasional pair of young gangly dudes who looked like they thought that the Marquee had booked an indie rock show that night. Oh, yeah, and black T-shirts everywhere, more XXL than not.

Personal Bias: I probably wouldn't care so much about Down if I wasn't a Pantera fan, and the more shows I go to, the more they seem like a support group for frustrated Pantera fans. I think I'm a member.

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Marquee Theatre

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