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Jim Louvau
See more photos of Down in the complete New Times slideshow.

Down and Warbeast @ Marquee Theatre|1/14/13
So, it turns out there's a reason it's called "stoner metal."

I've been to several Down shows before, but two things stuck out to me during Monday night's Down/Warbeast concert at Marquee Theatre. My friend (who goes by "Iron Maiden," thank you very much) and I were the youngest people in the crowd -- practically jail bait. Secondly, the energy level of the crowd stayed consistently mellow until about halfway through Down's set.

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Jim Louvau
See more photos of Down in the complete New Times slideshow.
It hasn't been long since Down was at the Marquee, but that didn't stop the venue from filling up early. In fact, despite the abnormally chilly Valley temperatures, there was a line at the venue before doors opened at 6 p.m.

The show kicked off with Austin trio Honky, whose high-octane rock 'n' roll ruckus was one of the more unique acts of the evening, with hill-country harmonizing and thunderous tunes, like their cover of the Pat Travers Band classic "Snortin' Whiskey (And Drinking Cocaine)." While the majority of the crowd was there for Warbeast and Down, it seemed like Honky garnered quite a few new fans at the show -- their merch booth was constantly swarmed throughout the night.

By the time Warbeast came on stage, the venue was packed. The band made for a perfect supporting act for Down. Between Bruce Corbitt's powerful vocals and the ear-shattering guitar shredding, the crowd went nuts. Guitarists Scott Shelby and Bobby Tillotson Jr. and bassist Dre Karst went to head-to-head all over the stage, rocking out to the point where one couldn't help imagining those dudes as teenagers, jumping off beds to their knees at home while jamming out. The energy was palpable, even if the mosh pit was barely stirring.

It didn't hurt that Down's Phil Anselmo was creeping around behind the band's amps, air-guitaring alongside Shelby on such tunes as "Egotistical Bastard." Unfortunately, he wasn't dragged out for a duet with the band, as he was Sunday night in Houston. But I'm guessing it's because the word on the street is that he was preserving his voice from a strain of laryngitis that's roaming around the Down camp.

Anselmo has always been a huge Warbeast fan, not only signing the band to his Housecore Records label, but taking them out on tour a couple of times with Down and even mixing their forthcoming sophomore album, Destroy. My favorite Warbeast songs on Monday included some tunes from the band's new collaboration with Anselmo, War of the Gargantuas. "It" and "Birth of a Psycho" churned the pit [finally] onto a black-T-shirt-filled frenzy.

Monday night marked the third stop on the Weed and Speed tour -- and clearly things are working out so far.

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