DJ Tonic Kemestry on Dodging Dildos At A Gig

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Tonic Kemestry
Although he's only been working the local DJ circuit for around four years, Tonic Kemestry has had more than his fair share of memorable experiences. The 25-year-old has performed at numerous underground dance affairs, gotten throngs of teenyboppers shaking their groove things with his EDM mixes, and has even had a dildo tossed at him while busy in the booth.

You read that right. A bonafide faux boner was hurled at him during one memorable gig at a hookah joint, which he says is one of the weirdest things in his short career. Tonic Kemestry had a few other non-sex toy subjects to discuss when Up on the Sun spoke with him recently, including how he got started in the DJ world after futzing with his former roommate's gear and whether or not dubstep has become stale.

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Name: Marco Castillo

AKA: Tonic Kemestry

Preferred genres:
That's a bit of a challenge to answer. I'm the type of person who can switch genres every week. For example I'm really into breaks and dirty Dutch. But that could change to drum step in a heartbeat. In the end I love it all. Each genre is unique in its own way and that's what I love about it, even country and hip-hop.

What are your upcoming gigs?
I have two shows in February and one in march. The first is [on] February 15th, an event called Heartbeatz. Then a show the following weekend called The Funk Phenomena. And in March, I will be playing at Hard Dance Massive.

Are you a club or rave DJ?
I'm both. I love the freedom of playing a rave because it's basically your hour to do what you want. And clubs are fun too because they present the challenge of finding the right sound for the crowd that night.

How did you get into the game?
I got into DJing when I first [came] here from Tucson. I moved into a house with my girlfriend and her two roommates. One had a DJ set and when all three would go to work I'd be at the house by myself messing with the equipment.

Did they mind you using their gear?
Nah, he never even used it.

So, much like other DJ these days, you started as a bedroom producer?
Yes indeed. That's really when you can develop your skills is the comfort of your room. Knowing that there is no pressure from anyone else. No one telling you what sounds good or sounds bad. It's just you getting to know your equipment and style

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Candy Caine
Candy Caine

I tossed a charm made of melted cented candle wax and my own hair onstage at a Tool concert. Adam picked it up and looked at it, all the guys came out and saw it and then Danny looked at it and then to Adam who was holding it (it was wrapped in cellophane and had an eyeball bracelet tied around it, and like, Danny goes "eww it's somebody's hair!" Immediately, Adam tossed it out like a wet dog with a look of discontent on his face. The bouncer picked it up, Tool fans all around begged for him to throw it to them. And this chick standing next to me got it. I convinced her that it was mine and she gave it back to me. Whew. That was a close one!

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