Mr. Eaton on His Addiction to DJing and How He Bombs Around Town in "The Jambulance"

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Benjamin Leatherman
The crowd at the Sixth Street New Year's Eve Block Party on Monday.

Was the Sixth Street New Year's Eve Block Party the biggest crowd you've ever worked?
Absolutely. 100 percent. It was like 3,000-plus people and I had goosebumps from head-to-toe all night long. I'm still talking about it. People keep coming up to me asking, "That was you up there, wasn't it?" All my friends are proud of me. It was unbelievable. Bar none, it was the biggest gig of my life.

Were you nervous?
At first, yeah. But once I got into it, I just tried to be myself and the crowd accepted it. They loved it and I didn't have to worry about it. I was jumping back and forth.

What was the best moment of the night for you?
Oh my God...this little kid, he couldn't have been more than eight years old, had a huge circle around him when he was breakdancing. I stopped the music for 3,000 people and pointed him out. And that, to me, meant the world. He was having the time of his life. And that's why I do what I do. I hope when he gets older he remembers that. I was spinning just this typical Top 40 song and someone hit me up and said, "Look at this little kid."

Any resolutions for 2013?
In any year, I've never really had resolutions in any year. It's always been the same: Just keep being me, never change who I am, and always be true to myself. And I try to instill that into everyone I meet.

What advice do you have for newbie DJs?
Be you. Don't worry about what people tell you. Always be you. Respect other DJ's advice. Don't undercut. Dig your genre. Listen to your crowd. Love your crowd. And just have fun.

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