Club Candids: Celebrating A Final Night of Goth and Industrial Music Mayhem at Sanctum

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DJ Aeternum (left) and his favorite femme fatale.

Aeternum, a longtime member of the scene dating back to his days spinning with Dark Soul Dealer during the infamous Black Coffee night at the now-defunct Counterculture Café, also performed. He also came not to bury Sanctum but instead to praise it.

"It was a great place to call home," he told Up on the Sun that night. "For me, it's been right down the street but is also an incredibly beautiful club. It was very welcoming of our scene, it very intimate for its size [and] it had a great sound system. It's been like the gothic Cheers, where everybody knew your name."

club candids sanctum reunion apollynon.JPG
DJ Apollynon and his magically delicious unicorn mask.
While we were busy trying to cleanse our mind of images of Ted Danson and George Wendt wearing black pleather, nipple clamps, and pasty makeup, Aeternum mentioned how having to find a new home is nothing new to the scene.

After all, before the goth crowd came to Sanctum in the past few years, they flocked to Palazzo for the old Tranzylvania night or numerous other venues, many of which have been laid to the grave (like the original incarnation of the Nile in Mesa or The Atomic Café in Scottsdale.

"There were a few clubs for goth after the Nile Theate shut down. You had Boston's, Incognito Lounge, or the Mason Jar, which was a big one with its night The Killing Jar," Aeternum says. "The Atomic Cafe had industrial nights, they had pure goth nights, they ran he whole gamut of the alternative/dark/underground scene. There were nights for every sub-genre. This is nothing new."

At the same time, he's sad to leave Sanctum, as is Apollynon. The 33-year-old closed out the night on the decks and even donned a latex unicorn head for his spin session. Later, he provided us with an epitaph for the club.

club candids sanctum reunion five.JPG

"As a long time member of the local goth/industrial scene, both as a participant and as a DJ I have spent more than my far share of times in clubs. Sanctum and Friday night in particular holds a spot near and dear to me," Apollynon says. "From within its dark church atmosphere I have watched the scene have a place to call home. It gave me a chance to build and grow my night and watch others do the same. While we will move on, we will always miss what Sanctum was."

See who else was in attendance at "Sancum: Reunion" by checking out this week's Club Candids slideshow.

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