Club Candids: Thriller Costume Ball at Monsterland

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Photos by Benjamin Leatherman
Beauties and beasts turned out in droves at Monsterland in Mesa on Saturday, January 19. See more photos from this week's Club Candids slideshow.

Fetish freaks, goth groupies, and costumed geeks...oh my. All of these types turned out by the hundreds for the Thriller Costume Party at Monsterland in Mesa this past Saturday for one last hurrah before the haunted house-themed nightspot headed for the gallows.

They weren't only party monsters packing into Monsterland for what was officially the final fiesta at the joint, as all manner of fringe types showed up to bid a fond farewell including Burning Man regulars, punker chicks, cosplayers, rivetheads, and plenty of pierced and tattooed alt-fashion models.

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Soon-to-be-shuttered nightspots generally attract record crowds before closing for good, and - as we mentioned -- Monsterland was certainly no exception to that rule. It once again caused us to scratch our heads and wonder, "If all these cats turned out every weekend, the place would still be in business."

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Gregory "Darkseid" Holmes, a bouncer and doorman at Monsterland, wondered the same thing too when we spoke to him during the party.

"Yeah, its one of those bittersweet, 'If only,' kind of things that we've all been thinking since [co-owner Kevin Wynn] told everyone that Monsterland was closing," Holmes says.

club candids monsterland thriller costume ball mesa four.JPG

While the occasion might have been a sad one, few - if any -- were shedding any tears on Saturday. The mood was quite fervorous as the dance floor was packed shoulder to shoulder with costumed revelers and others dressed in goth finery.

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Monsterland - CLOSED

18 W. Main St., Mesa, AZ

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