Club Candids: School Girl Party at Calico Jack's Cantina

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Melissa Fossum
West Phoenix gets too much flack.

Really, it's not so bad: housing is cheap, movie theaters are everywhere, and sporting events are actually well planned and executed. Case in point-- think about how much easier it is to leave a Coyotes game than a Suns game.

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Club Candids: School Girl Party at Calico Jack's Cantina [Slideshow]

Melissa Fossum
Westgate isn't just a sporting mecca, it's quickly turning into Phoenix's newest nightlife hot spot. The west side doesn't try to mimic Scottsdale or Tempe's nightlife, though there are some similarities. The buildings are new and clean like Scottsdale without the pretentious vibe, and some ASU West students can be spotted, though they aren't partying too hard (usually).

Pulsating hip-hop and frequent cheers could be heard outside of Calico Jack's Cantina on Saturday night. The cheers were for folks that brushed up on their trivia for "Are You Smarter Than a Calico Girl?," which was one of the many school girl-themed shenanigans of the night.

Melissa Fossum

Ladies who showed up in school girl outfits were given free cover and drink specials (which included apple-themed drinks) throughout the night. This gimmick prompted a few brave girls to look to fishnets for warmth, but the eye candy and cheap drinks were definitely worth it.

Check out naughty school girls and bundled up cuties duking it out at Calico Jack's Cantina's School Girl Party on Saturday, January 12 in this week's Club Candids slideshow.

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Calico Jack's Cantina

6770 N. Sunrise Blvd., Glendale, AZ

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