A$AP Rocky Does More Than Ca$h In On Hip-Hop and EDM Trends on LONGLIVEA$AP

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Most of the missteps on the record come from A$AP himself. The young emcee isn't considered to be one of the most lyrical artists in his field, and this results in the occasional lulls. You won't hear Rocky rap about the plight of the black man or name drop Barack Obama in a political rant, as most of his lyrics are drug-fueled, glamor-dipped bars that give slight glimpses into his psyche. The completely boring "Fashion Killa" features uninspired production and less than impressive lyrics. The positive thing is that a song like this is one of the only glaring problems on this project. A$AP Rocky's style is pretty straight forward, so don't expect complicated metaphors or insightful views on society. Rocky is extremely comfortable where he is at right now, and since this is his debut album, it is hard to expect him to really break out of that comfort zone. However, he occasionally does indicate that he is more than just about the P, the M and the W, which tells us that is capable of expanding his horizons and offering more diverse content down the line.

The bonus edition of the album features a song with beautiful voice of Florence Welch of Florence and The Machine. This alone indicates that A$AP is willing to take his music to the next level -- but he also has to be able to cater to the young fan base that put him in this position in the first place. The result is A$AP Rocky walking the fine line between cashing in on trends and the current sound while still trying to deliver something that will truly set him apart for the rest, and solidifies him as one of the true leaders of this new wave of hip-hop.

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