Amazon AutoRip: Is There Any Point to Trying to Prolong the Life of the CD?

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Legendary DJ/record collector John Peel's record collection in undergoing digitalization.
I think I must be old-fashioned because if I buy something, I want it to occupy a space in the physical universe, not just on my hard drive. But not CDs. I doubt I will ever buy a CD again. This makes this whole AutoRip nonsense pretty obsolete. Most vinyl records already come with a download code, courtesy of the record label, so Amazon really doesn't have incentive to add AutoRip to 180 gram copies of whatever.

Maybe the entire concept of wanting to "own" a chunk of music is wrong. Maybe it's borderline hoarding. But everyone seems to have their own way of consuming music, and like a Reese's cup, there's no wrong way to enjoy it. I just doubt Amazon's AutoRip will help boost CD sales.

If I were them, I would be focused on a decent streaming music site, like Pandora or the upcoming Daisy. That seems to be the universe we're headed to anyway -- a CD collection that everyone owns and takes up no space.

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