Dumperfoo on Impressing Vanilla Ice, Hanging With Snoop Dogg, and Other Hip-Hop Hijinks

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A few years later, it seemed like there were hip-hop nights everywhere in Tempe during the early Aughts, like Kill Mill. You were a part of those as well, right?

Yup. I was just there hanging with these dudes [Drunken Immortals], you know, being a fan of all my boys that went there like Kill Mill. We did Blunt Club at the same place, Rio Salado Brewery for a little bit there. At that same time, they had Ichiban's hip-hop night, which was like the best time for MCs in the Arizona, I thought. There were some really good times for hip-hop with Ichiban and Arizona Roadhouse.

Barry Goldwater III and Morse Code and a bunch of cats also were putting on their Wicka Wicka Wednesday thing, which was awesome. It was nothing but really good shows during that time. And I was hanging out in all that. Being the first dude there and the last one gone.

You've gotten a bad back from painting at so many events, correct?

I got plate scoliosis; my back's like all crazy. So when I paint too many days in a row, my body gets all kinked over. and I can't even walk. Some days, I can't even walk for like a week. I've had it probably the last eight years or so. It's been getting really bad lately. Probably when I was breakdancing or skating as a kid and slouching when I was sitting and shit. Probably from being bent over canvases or sitting in front of a computer.

What music events have you done live painting at lately besides Blunt Club?

Tempe Art A Go-Go at Sail Inn. I've done that a few times. We've also been doing Blunt Club up in Flagstaff. I did First Fridays in Phoenix at that little [pop-up] park that's over on Roosevelt. I've painted with the Sugar Thieves. They're buddies, so I've done stuff with them. I've also done South by Southwest Music Festival.


Yup. I painted with Puma shoes over there. Toured that whole thing with The Insects. Also painted at Coachella too last year. We ran our own graffiti wall in the campgrounds built with 2x4s by some roller skating rink and we were doing graf, me and my buddy from New York. Matt-X rolled out with us, Jess Jordan rolled out with us. Cooked their asses out in the sun. This year, I'll be painting and printing T-shirts at Coachella. That's what me and Mic Cause are going to be doing in the Zia booth.

Did you do live art at Sound Wave Music Festival this year?

I didn't go. I went the year before. I was supposed to go, and they were supposed to have me paint onstage with Z-Trip [at the Red Bull Thr3estyle Stage]. But the Red Bull guys didn't want me messing up their big stage with paint. I don't know why. I use dropcloths.

Dumperfoo's 40th birthday celebration takes place at 9 p.m. at Club Red in Tempe. Admission is $5.

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