Dumperfoo on Impressing Vanilla Ice, Hanging With Snoop Dogg, and Other Hip-Hop Hijinks

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Dumperfoo paints onstage with the other members of Drunken Immortals.

How did you first become involved with the Drunken Immortals?

I met most of these guys before I got in the band. I used to go to all their shows. That whole kinda era was blurry for me, but I think when I really hung out with them was after moving back from San Diego [in 2001] at The Bash on Ash during this hip-hop night they were doing with Doug Quick. I'd go over there a lot and it was crazy.

It was with [Universatile Music] and they'd have art all over the walls from the Nitty Gritty crew. I think those were the biggest hip-hop shows that were coming to town at the time. Everything and everyone that was huge was going through there: Legends, Atmosphere, Brother Ali, Rhymesayers -- you name it.

How did you officially join up?

I used to paint at their gigs, so I was painting onstage with them for a couple shows before that happened and they were like, 'We should bring this as another instrument, a live painting." I'm the visual experience of the band, same with The Insects and Crusher [Sound System].

What are some of your memories of your old night Move '98?

We had Z-Trip play over there but also a bunch of cats like Jimmy the Mantis Claw. I think I first met Pickster [One] over there, but he probably doesn't remember me well from that time. I was working with DisGo promoting event a lot. I think I had Hyder over there, Casper [the Funky DJ]. I remember Jimmy the Mantis Claw would sit on the ground with his legs crossed and DJ sitting down, all hippie-style. We kinda mixed it up, some punk and reggae bands in there as well.

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