The 10 Most WTF Moments of 2012

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If you're unaware of #Seapunk, well, you're not missing much. It's just a bunch of stolen '90s ocean imagery parading as an art movement on Tumblr and Twitter. The problem is, Azealia Banks and Rihanna (boy, she gets mentioned in this rundown a lot, doesn't she?) borrowed heavily from the "genre." This started a fervent and kind of sad Twitter war.

As I've said before, seapunk isn't even really a subgenre of electronic music, despite what Wikipedia claims, because seapunk doesn't add anything to EDM's musical aesthetic. In other words, it doesn't sound any different from any other EDM stuff. It's not like there are actually dolphin squeaks used as backing beats or something. Unlike other internet meme genres that accidentally became serious like witch house and trap muzik, seapunk is merely just a turquoise fashion statement.

It ain't really punk, either. Sure, it's got that DIY flair, but photoshopping a pixilated sea cow and posting it to Tumblr isn't quite on par with The Sex Pistols, spiking a Mohawk or ironing anarchist symbols to your leather jacket. If anything, seapunk is more aquakitsch.
I know exactly what some people will say: What cultural movements have you started?
Admittedly, none, if you're really convinced this hashtag nonsense counts as relevancy.

In the approximately two weeks it takes for this cultural stain to "vanish utterly," something even more lame will inevitably take its place. But if all it takes to change pop culture is to rip off animated Angelfire graphics, wear a SpongeBob t-shirt and then tweet/twat about my own genius, I can do that. I call dibs on #CivilWarReenactmentThrashMetal. Or how about, #EgyptianAcidJazz? Wait, I got it: #ButterflyDubstep, or #Butterstep for short. I can't wait till Lady Gaga rips that one off.

gangnam style.jpg
"Gangnam Style"

The most viewed video in YouTube history, beating out Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga, is the mega-hit by South Korean pop star Psy. This is incredible. Not to be a hipster, but I did hear this song way back when the views were in the 1,000s. I thought it was awesome, but didn't realize it had this most potential. As soon as I started hearing it everywhere I went, my ears did double-takes (or whatever ears do like that.)

Perhaps the most WTF aspect of this tune is the public's reaction to it, especially from culturally illiterate folks like Bill O' Reilly, who expressed his confusion on his show. How out of touch can one get? He doesn't even seem aware Korean is a language, saying "At least Elvis had words in his songs." The pudgy pundit discussed the absurdity with psychiatrist Keith Albow, who compares listening to "Gangnam Style" to getting high all the time and wasting one's life.

But the best part is, it's actually a pretty clever song, commenting on the upper class in Seoul. Not sure how many folks actually researched that after seeing the video, but jeez, the song isn't vapid. In my opinion, it's refreshing, much better than hearing "Call Me Maybe" over and over.

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For me the best WTF is this song - gang am style.. The viewers number gets bigger day after day.. Though I don't see anything special there.

p.s. and yes, Bieber is disgusting! 

William -

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