The 10 Most WTF Moments of 2012

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Amanda Fucking Palmer

Did you know she actually refers to herself that way? Amanda Fucking Palmer. I like that.

Pretty fitting for someone who pretty much only sings about her genitals or flashes her chest every chance she gets. Palmer showed her ta-tas in another video directed by Wayne Coyne for "Do It With A Rockstar," showed them for a protest she made about "free digital content" and flashed them yet again when she raised $1.2 million for her Kickstarter program to record the album Theatre is Evil.

That's cool, I guess. But it wasn't cool to a lot of people that Palmer raised so much money, then begged the horn and string players in her Grand Theft Orchestra to play for free. Well, the actual compensation was beer, merch and hugs. Great. Steve Albini called Amanda Fucking Palmer an idiot and she changed her mind, deciding to pay the folks who help make her money. No word if she also flashed them. Which reminds me...

All The Nudity!

Speaking of nudity, what's with all the celebrities almost totally baring it all? Rihanna all but showed nipple on her Unapologetic album cover and Lady Gaga did a pose in nothing but a skin-colored thong, plus dozens of the typical nip-slips and what-have-you.

Not that there's much wrong with that. Personally, I think nudity is fine and censoring it is like saying women's breasts are obscene, which is the opposite of true. But the conservative majority seems to lose their shit the second they see an aureola. Everything else is on the pizza is fine, but not the pepperoni. I don't think I'll ever understand that.

On the other hand, nudity isn't really all that interesting, especially if you have high speed internet. The point of this is that more and more, celebrities seem to be getting closer to just spreading their legs for the camera and making that their album artwork. Death Grips sort of did that (more on that later) and then, Dee Dee from Dum Dum Girls did a side-project with her husband, Brandon Welchez of Crocodiles called Haunted Hearts. Of all the images in the world they could have chosen for an album cover, they chose this totally NSFW shot of someone's fuzzy crotch. Real original and deep, guys.

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For me the best WTF is this song - gang am style.. The viewers number gets bigger day after day.. Though I don't see anything special there.

p.s. and yes, Bieber is disgusting! 

William -

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