Up On The Sun's 12 Most Popular Phoenix Music Stories of 2012

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Is this year over yet? Well, close enough. So in honor of 2012 we've dug through the past 12 months of stories looking for the greatest hits. Below you'll find the stories (minus most of the newsy stuff) that people clicked on each month. And if thousands of other people clicked on these stories, you'll want to too. Don't trust us, trust your fellow readers.

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Don't Be an Asshole or: A Few Words On The Subject of Concert Etiquette

By Mike Escoto

Hi, my name is Mike Escoto and I like music. In particular, I enjoy live music. As you might reasonably guess, my enjoyment of live music is why I contribute to Up on the Sun, in addition to co-running my own blog, Electric Mustache. It's a little crazy, but I actually get paid to go see concerts. Whether or not I actually deserve to get paid for my reviews is a discussion for another time, or, you know, the comments section of this blog post.

By my count I've reviewed 34 concerts for Up on the Sun since 2009, and I've probably been to another 30-or-so in that time frame either for another publication or my own personal enjoyment. Most have been enjoyable; a few have been amazing and a few have been total shit.

Usually, my enjoyment is based on the performance of the band or musician I'm going to see that night. That is, in my opinion, how it should be. But occasionally, external factors creep in. Sometimes it's the sound mix, or the lighting, but lately, I've noticed an increasing problem at the shows I go to. It's likely a problem you have experienced yourself.

That problem? Assholes.

Read the full rant, and discover how you can avoid being a douchebag at the next concert you go to.


Five Guys That Should Be in Queen Instead of Adam Lambert

By Lenni Rosenblum

Former American Idol Adam Lambert teamed up with Queen for live performances this year.

We were decidedly unhappy about this development. While Lambert said he was doing this "to pay tribute to Freddie and the band by singing some fucking great songs," that couldn't possibly be his only motive. If he wanted to pay tribute to Queen, he should have started a tribute band.

Lambert wasn't exactly the best pick for someone to take the place of Freddie Mercury, which, for the record, nobody should even be doing in the first place. He's Freddie Mercury. You can't top that. But if anyone is going to try, we came up with a few other suggestions that would have easily topped Lambert.


People Who Hate Radiohead; And One Person Who Loves Them (But Still Thinks the Band Is Going to Hell)

By Anthony Sandoval

We found out this year that a lot of people like Radiohead. I mean, really like Radiohead.

Just kidding. Of course we knew, because most of us really like Radiohead too, but some of our readers had a field day admonishing my colleague when she casually admitted that she didn't quite "get" the British band ahead of their show in Glendale.

Fans wasted no time correcting her, with one reader even making a pretty-much-valid point, saying Yorke and the boys "de-constructed and then re-assembled the structures within contemporary rock music, introduced new shades and colors of sound to create fresh, sonic terrain and ambient landscapes, and single-handedly changed the way many bands [begin] to create music."

Of course, just because you like Radiohead doesn't make you smart.


Our 10 Favorite Metro Phoenix Music Venues

By Benjamin Leatherman and Jason P. Woodbury

It's a hard pill to swallow, but music venues in the Valley tend to come and go. Fact. Look no further than the closing of The Compound Grill or the nixing of Clubhouse Music Venue for proof.

Some live music joints and concert halls have figured out the magic formula of how to both thrive and survive throughout the ups and downs, whether that means booking the right bands, finding ways to keep fickle music fans satisfied, or just offering them a suitable aura where they can lose their shit. Some are newer than others, and a couple were beloved enough to be raised from the dead.

It's also why these establishments are our favorite venues in town.

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